I am new with microvascular disease

I am 40 y.o. from Geneva Switzerland (sorry for my English) and was diagnosed with MVD by my cardio. But it's all a long story.

My family doctor was the one who sent me to cardio at my request after my complains for shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitation etc non stop. But for my fam doctor, he thought I was just having panick attack, or stress and did not believe that there is something wrong with me.

So I went to see the cardio. I did MRI, which shown an Ischemia frontal during stress MRI test. Because of this result he sent me to hospital for angiography. The result was clean. The other cardio, the one who did my angiography (not my cardio) said that as I had a clean result, my heart is certainly ok and I should go to GI for indigestion problem. My fam doctor agreed with this and said that I am totally ok and I was just being depressed. Is your husband kind with you? He said jokingly.

I returned to my cardio who refused to give up even after the angiography result.He was very concern due the fact that I lost my father (he was 47) and my brother (was 32), both were taken away by heart attack. And also the fact that I have a very high cholesterol level (genetic ). He asked me to do more exams. And he found that my heart rate jumped to 140 in 4 min when I did stress test with bike, and it seemed that my heart race to 120 everytime I had chest pain without doing anything (I had to wear heart monitor for a week). I also have an elevated d dimer.A part from those problems, other tests looked ok (I had x-ray, and cardio ultrasound). At the end of all tests my cardio said that he's going to send the report to my fam doctor.

But when I met my fam doctor, he said that nothing was found. I was so desperate. I then thought, it was maybe a peri-menopose and I should see my gynecologist. But the gynecologist I went to, did not find anything gynecologically, and said that the problems maybe were due to my character. He said that I might be a very emotional woman. His words were so hurtful.

4 months after first symptom, my friend referred to another generalist. She said that my fam doctor was a criminal who did not care about his patient at all. My friend knows how I am suffering every day, how I change from a very happy woman to a gloomy and silent one. There was no week since all began, that I did not take a sick leave at least 1-2 days per week. It was awful to work with this condition.

This new doctor is very nice. He listened to me carefully. He asked if he could call my cardio. I said I have no problem with that. And in front of me, he called my cardio on the phone.

It was a big surprise to learn that in fact, my cardio had already stated in the report he sent to my old fam doctor that that I was diagnosed with syndrome x or MVD. My old fam doctor never mentionned about this, leave alone all treatments my cardio suggested in the report that he thinks I need to have. It was November and the report was dated September.

So then I was given Ranexa 375 mg that made me feel better, no chest pain for first three weeks. I was so happy, even thought I still have abdominal discomfort. My new doc sent me to GI just to make sure, and after physical exam and abdominal ultrasound, nothing was found in that area.

And then I found this site by chance. So lucky that I can learn alots of things I need to know about this mvd from the experience of other members. I also learnt that MVD could also cause abdominal discomfort and it also could touch other area such as back pain, apart from classic chest pain. I can finally stop my research for other disease and stick with this. It was not easy to accept that I really have a heart disease, as most of doctors I've met were trying to convince that I have no health problem and I was just too sensitive. I think I am lucky to have my cardio who took care of me and my new generalist who is willing to listen despite the fact that he is also new to mvd. Unfortunately I had to wait two months until my cardio's report was ever read and took into account. But also I am lucky to find this site.

As for now, unfortunately I feel that ranexa has lost its power. I have chest tightness, pressure, joint pain, shortness of breath, non stop. I learnt from other member's experience in this site that I could ask for higher dose of ranexa, and maybe ask for nitro or other meds next time I meet my generalist. My appointment is for next week and I can't wait to see him again.

But my biggest problem now is my family, especially my Mom. After she lost her husband and her only son, should I tell her that one of her two daughters has eventually a heart disease? I still don't know the importance of this disease whether it is ok just to hide it, to not making my Mom worried for nothing. Moreover my Mom is living in another country faraway from Switzerland, I will meet her only once a year.

What is the risk of this disease? Is it really serious? I don't know much but I hope that I will get better one day.

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