Frustrated with my doctors

I've learned that it's hard to determine heart attack pain from spasms or microvascular angina. My symptoms varie from day to day and week to week. Several days in a row with:
A. No pain, or
B. Mild aching between shoulder blades or forarms & hands, or
C. Moderate / Distracting pain between sholder blades, down arms & hands and mild shortness of air and fatigue.

In the past 2 months, I've had 2 trips to ER with positive troponins, disections & stents, and I've had 1 ER visit with minimal troponin and followup clean cath.
A few weeks ago, when I had moderate pain, my doc just wrote for
out-patient cardiac enzymes & and EKG.
He called me that evening and said my troponin was fine (he didn't tell me the actual number). He said this is likely my new normal for a while and I should just go on with life. (He's also mentioned a time or two that he thinks I would feel better if had another heart attack in that area to get it over with so I'd stop having pain. )

I agree that this is probably my new normal, but I've also learned that it's important to listen to my body.
Last week I had 4 days w/o pain!!! 2 days with mild pain (onset of menstration) and now 2 days with Moderate pain. I called my cardiologist yesterday and asked for an outpatient troponin lab order. He said: No, this pain is expected and I need not worry.

So.... I'm pretty ticked that my doc won't write for a troponin test. I'd like to take my symptoms and place them in his body, then see how he feels! I bet he'd be begging for a Troponin test.
My PCP also refused to write for the test, stating she thought the cardiologist needed to do that.
After 5 trips to the ER, I just don't want to waist the time and money. At this point, I feel like it should be as simple as checking a bloodsugar.

I've heard from many of you who have experienced intermittent pain for some time, and most everyone says to that I need to give myself time, and I agree.
But, how do I tell? I routinly use more than 3 nitro's, so that's not a good judge. If it were, I'd have been in the ER 30 times already.
I don't want to lose a small percintage of my heart muscle with each menstrual cycle.

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