Worried about member "heartinpain"

I didn't know what category to put this post in. heartinpain was having problems with her husband...he was not there for her emotionally or physically and her situation was not good. I believe it was bordering on abusive. She had found a counselor and was attending counseling by herself I believe to see whether or not she should end her marriage.

She has not posted since July....and I am worried about her. I pray that she is ok.

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I messaged her, I haven't heard from her since July as well.

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I sent her a message a couple weeks ago and have not heard back. :-(

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Maybe she does not have computer access.

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I hope that's all it is. **sigh** Nothing we can do but say a prayer & wait to see if we hear from her.

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perhaps the forum moderator has a way to contact her
and if you know of other forums she posted on maybe over there someone knows

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I can't see that they would contact her even if they could, I am sure they have an email address as for all of us. But that said, people do leave their email addresses behind when they move, so maybe it is her choice. If that is the case, then let it be, I guess. We can but wonder and hope the best for her.

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Thanks so much for caring. We did go to councling. We seperated for a month. He siad he would change and we went to counciling. Things did get better. I could tell he was trying.

Sunday I had a TIA, mini stroke. Wasn't sure, went to eye doctor. Hubby, in usually denial. Found out Tuesday I had a stroke. Hubby trying to help but he in on crutches right now. Praise God he is trying.

Feeling alone becasue my kids didn't come for Thanksgiving. But so grateful to dfind I was mussed here. Thanks so much.

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So glad you are back. Yes, we did miss you. Congratulations for choosing to work at saving your marriage. Even if it does not work, I think it is worth making an effort. Marriage is hard and with a true heart and some determination it can be saved. I am sorry about your stroke. Sometimes when we have a lot of illnesses people respond with the attitude of "oh here is another thing" and it seems callous or uncaring. I think it is a defensive measure really, they do care, they guard themselves against appearing to panic over everything. Kids can be equally as difficult. They focus on self a lot and it is not until they are older that they understand the importance of holidays together. I too have had this experience and at the time it is really hurtful, but you get over it and you do eventually realize that not everyone puts the same importance on things which are important to you. I learned a big lesson from it. I learned to say "this is really important to me and I would really like you to be there". Believe it or not, they do not necessarily know that on their own. You are never alone, we are always here for each other and when the whole world does not understand, we do because we share your journey.

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Good post , threesacharm. You put into words so well what all of us feel. You are right - when no one else understands, the heart sisters will. We are here for each other. :-)

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