When your meds are changed or what not

Do you find yourself nervous or anxious over how you are going to feel?

I went to the heart clinic today. We upped my coreg from 12.5 two times a day to 12.5 in the AM and 25 in the evening. If I do well with that... then I up it to 25 twice daily.

Just nervous.. causing anxiety...

anyone else? Just a "hey.. yeah been there" would be AWESOME! :) Thanks.

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My Coreg was just upped a couple of weeks ago from 12.5
twice a day to 25 twice a day. Each time it's been increased,
it kicks may tail for about 4 days but I've been fortunate that I
adjust relatively well. It still slows me down at times but
I can't complain over all.

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I haven't been on that medication, but when they switched me to my 3rd medication Flecainide I was really nervous. I was terrified to be quite honest. The 2nd medication I was on made me feel absolutely miserable and the warning I read when looking up information about Flecainide didn't help me feel comfortable when making the switch. I've been on it for about 2 weeks and things seem to be going okay, some great days, some bad days, and a lot of average days....that's not too bad I guess. Good luck to you!!!

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Deedeeto3 - Yes, that's the other thing.. the tail kicking. I'm hoping I just don't have that LOL. Thank you so much for replying!!!! We'll see.

MOmmytoTnL - Thank you so much for replying. I, too, look up all the stuff on meds. I have had some strange reactions before so I do not take meds lightly. I am glad things are averaging out to be ok for you!!

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Got switched from Nitrostat to Isosorbide SA 30 mg and it gave me the headache from hell, dizziness and grumpiness.

Take Care,


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Hello my friend...I take coreg 25 mg twice a day...have been on that dose for months. It does get better and they told me when I left the UW the other day that I will be on the heart meds the rest of my life...silly me, I guess I thought I could go off them at some point... I take the coreg, enalapril, 5 mg, lasix, 80 mg, aldactone, 50 mg and warfarin, 7.5 mg...my mom is also injecting heparin into my stomach twice a day until my warfarin level is back theraputic after my ablation... Hang in there with the coreg...the tiredness should ease up at least a bit. Hugs to you,

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Yes all meds can do funny things and this varies greatly from person to person.
Beta Blockers are very tricky and some people tolerate them where others do not.
I cannot have Metoprolol, as this increases Coronary Vasospasms .... which I have.
There are other beta blockers that I could try, but at the moment arrhythmia's is not the issue anymore.
Good Luck everyone

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