What is your EF and should I be grateful for 40-45%?

I had my HA on 5-17-11. In ICU I was told I had an EF of 30% Now 2 months (almost) later I am at 40-45%...Is this good/common/poor? I have not talked alot with my cardiologist as one was assigned to me through the ER. I am scheduled to see her on 7-14 and wanted to know what you ladies think?

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I think you should be estatic!!! My EF has been at 40-45% for the last 4 years and my doctor said if is stayed that way for the rest of my life he would be happy. Absolutely perfect EF is 50-55% and many people are lower than that and dont even know it. Count your blessings and keep MOVING!!!!

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Yes! It is great! Enjoy every minute of it!

God bless!

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That is great! My EF was 40 the day I had my heart attack 6 years ago, it's now 45 & I am thrilled & my doctor is also.
Nobody told me what this was until I learned about it at Cardiac Rehab. 50 is normal so do a little dance of joy that you are where you are!

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As everyone has said, that is moving in the right direction and not too far off from normal. Mine was at 40% for a few years and I worked out almost daily. Other than the meds I didn't really feal like I had heart disease. Good luck with your appointment!

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Sure you should be.. My E.F. is 55 to 60% but it got my right side and have other problems!

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My EF is 20% and has been ever since I found out about three years ago that it was this low.
Cannot seem to get it to move up. I would be ecstatic if mine moved up, even a little.
Happy for you.

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That IS good! I know someone who's EF is 5% and can't believe it! AMAZING what sheer will, some science and care can do to keep our hearts pumping!!! Power on!!!!!

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Thanks everyone....What puzzles me is that my doctors do not seem to be telling me that it is great. ??? Originally I thought they were saying 40-45% out of 100% and assumed that is why nobody was jumping up and down over it. At cardiac rehab I was told that 65% was perfect...Now I am really confused. Thank goodness I see my cardiologist on the 14th. Maybe get a little clarification. :-)

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Talk with your cardio about the number. I've been told that I'm at about 54% and have been told that as long as I take my meds, exercise and eat right I would be okay. I have also been told that there is NO 100% but 65-70 is normal. Each doc will tell you differently.

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My EF is 20 and has stayed there for over a year. I understand <35 qualifies as Heart failure. What I do know is not to spend too much time worrying about what your EF is, it is more important how you feel. Some people, like myself, function well at 20 and even lower, while others may not function well up on the 40s. I would like my number higher just to say it's higher but I spent zero time thinking about It.
I hope your cardiologist can clarify things for you,


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