What is this strange sensation in my chest?

Ok. Imagine that feeling you get in your legs when you have restless leg syndrome. My family calls that having the 'yips'. Well all this week I have that feeling in my solar plexus and it makes me so anxious I could jump out of my skin. This morning I had that feeling and then came the PVC's. things were pretty quiet for a week or two but now they're back. I have had every test imaginable including a heart cath. So I have to live with these PITA thumps. So does anyone have any idea about this creepy 'yippy' feeling I get in the solar plexus? My nerves are shot. Recovering from back surgery on top of this. Thanks all. June

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Hi - I have that same feeling and call it the "heebie jebbies". Drives you crazy! I was put on baclofen to help with it. It does help calm the nerve endings a bit. The bad part is that I have had those feelings for 3 years. Had my bypass in 2009. I hope you find something that will help!

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Beth526. Thanks for your response. So your 'heebie jeebies' were in the center where your solar plexus is?

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Yes they are! The feeling is quite unbearable at times. For me, the sensations started about 6 months after my bypass.
I was later diagnosed with Prinzmetal's Angina. But I used to desribe the feeling to my dr. as if they were the tremors before an earthquake. So that solar plexus area is my "epicenter" I guess. I still have them every day but the baclofen, along with calcium blockers and loads of other meds help me with them. Before we got the meds straightened out, they were far more intense. I can always tell when I am about to get a really bad artery spasm because the heebie jeebies come on in high gear. It's funny though, now my dr always asks me how the heebies jeebies are :)

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