Upper GI?

I am starting to get angry and think I need to switch doctors. The nurse called this morning and said that doctor wants to send me for an upper GI before I see a Cardiologist. Is this a typical response? Would my symptoms be caused by reflux? I told her no, I want to see a cardio. They called back and agreed so I have an appointment on Tuesday. I told her I had neck and shoulder pain yesterday and this morning off and on. My jaw is tightening up but that is probably because I am frustrated. If I have another chest pain I am going to the ER and throw a fit. Thanks again to everyone. I would NEVER have done this without your stories. God Bless!

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Here's an article I found on GERD, I only scanned it through but I didn't see anything about back pain. I hope it helps...


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I think this is a standard thing that they do to women. It has happened to me. I have had every test that you can think of just to prove to the cardiologist it's my heart. I wish you the best of luck. If you have to go to the ER and demand that they listen to you.

Annie B.

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Thanks Annie!

I get the feeling that my doctor is ignoring my voice and thinks he knows better than I do what is going on. That's why they call it "practicing medicine". If I am wrong then I am embarrassed, if he is wrong then I die. I get it now.


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Always listen to your body it knows better than any doctor when it's in pain. I am having the same battle over again with the new cardiologist. I just suffered a minor heart attack about 4 weeks ago and thank God no real damage to my heart.

Thank God for my PMC doctor. She is the only one who listens. She is the one who found my blockage after the hospital sent me home with acid reflux and said I had to much stress.

When the heart cath was done and I met the new cardio doc the next morning she said I was very lucky to be alive.

I put up a post this morning just to vent about the new cardio doc and what they are doing to me.

I wish you the best of luck. This is a great bunch of ladies that have a lot of info and are a great support system.

Keep us updated please.

Annie B.

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Hi Nancylee, from another Nancy Lee! I am so glad that you insisted on seeing the cardiologist. You are absolutely in the right to want to get to the bottom of your symptoms. And if they worsen before Tuesday, do not hesitate to visit your ER. You are right, better embarrassed than the alternative! Keep us posted!


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I'm so sorry to chime in with yep, it's the standard answer. For some reason they always go straight to reflux, because it causes esophogeal spasms that can cause pain that mimics angina. I had a GI refuse to scope me before I was diagnosed with vasospasms because the symtpoms were too classic of heart. After I was diagnosed my doc did everything but send me flowers!

Good for you for pushing! Keep usposted!

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"I told her I had neck and shoulder pain yesterday and this morning off and on. My jaw is tightening up but that is probably because I am frustrated."

These symptoms are precisely what I was having intermittently leading up to acute MI. Reflux can exist alone and it can be 100 percent part of cardiac distress symptomology. When the stomach can't get enough oxygenated blood supply due to heart problems, digestion begins shutting down and the body may need to eject whatever is in stomach. If prior to your very recent neck, shoulder and jaw pain you had little to no reflux......? None of these pains are GI related. THat is absurd. You sound like you know your way around hospitals now....so you are able to be on the alert!

Let us know how it is going with you and best of luck,

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I was told my symptoms were stress because I had 2 teenage daughters. I was told I had stomach issues. I underwent an upper and lower GI complete with colonoscopy just to shut them up on that one. They still try to blow my symptoms off to stress - even after all I have been through. I get right in their face and tell them the only stress I am under is from coming so close to dying so many times from doctors not listening.

Make your voice heard. Take their tests and insist on more. If you are in for an upper GI, demand the lower too. It will give you piece of mind and more ammunition with your cardiologist. Take care and stay in touch.


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Hi Dianna,
I quoted you again in Nancy's other post "I hate this". They say it's the highest form of flattery & I always give you credit for the info. It's just stuck with me from the first day I got up the guts to hit the post button.

Cute dog. How's the power situation?

- Peg

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Add me to the list of "it might be GERDs" - I was patient and let them test EVERYTHING just to eliminate all of the possible GI problems. I got a clean bill of health top to bottom, literally. :-)

Then we can be sure the cardio is dealing with heart and not (I really want to use a rhyming word here) problems.

It takes time and patience to work through this but in the meantime don't forget how to get to the ER. And if you want to be treated seriously there, don't drive yourself, take an ambulance.

I'm glad you pushed to see the cardio - feel free to print all the stories you've heard here and hand them to him ...

Stay in touch,

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Thanks Laura and everyone,
I just figured, why not rule out a heart problem first and then do the GI? I probably won't die waiting for the GI testing as I could from heart blockages. If the Cardiologist tells me to do the GI first then I will. I think I should at least have a stress with contrast first and maybe a cath from what I have been reading. If those are all normal then they can "clean me out" and test away which will be a good start to my weight loss.

Happy Sunday!

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Stick with what you feel.Go to cardiologist first.They kept saying mine was acid reflux,and I kept saying I know this is not.Stick to your guns!!! I finally demanded more tests....and ..it was a bypass x4 for me.It saved my life...it may save yours too!

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I had an upper GI recently. Upon post visit to GI dr., he told me that he did not know about the cardio problems, so my drs were not communicating and I should have made sure they were, and I guess I did not do a good job of this. The GI dr wanted to make it clear that reflux was a very small part of what was going on with me and not consistent with cardio/pulmonary issues. Yep, be clear and glad you have your cardio appt.

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Hi Nancylee,
Yes, another yes, to your wish to go to the cardio doc.
I've had GERD for a number of years, and been on Prevacid most of that time. Several years ago, some severe chest pain I thought was GERD was actually a 'silent' heart attack, the beginning of my struggles with cardio disease. I didn't even know it, nor did my doctors. It took a second heart attack for them to find it.
Go for it, sister!

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