Tylenol Cool Caps has Splenda in it


Did you know that Tylenol Cool Caplets have sucralose (Splenda) in them? Me either. Regular Tylenol does not contain it. For those who may be unaware, artificial sweeteners are a vasoconstrictor, which for people like me with vasospasms can cause chest pain and migraines.

I've been taking them daily for about 5-6 weeks to nurse my achy left shoulder (that's going through PT). About a month ago the daily migraines started and some minor chest pain. Every day for a month I've been suffering with nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, and pain. I'd take my Tylenol once a day (sometimes twice if my pain was a bit much) to combat the pains. No relieve.

Finally, after a terrible night of severe migraines and no sleep, we started auditing everything I consume. We try to be so careful with everything I consume just for this reason. But there it was in the fine print on the box only (not on the bottle) in the inactive ingredients, sucralose (Splenda). I stopped taking it. Amazingly, I'm at Day 4 no migraine and no chest pain.

A month of terrible daily pain and needless suffering due to my pain reliever. Why does a pain reliever need artificial sweeteners in it anyway? And where's the indication on the front of the box to let us know about? I'm writing them a letter.

Ladies, if you're suffering with daily pain, stop and take note of what you're consuming. I've found that products like artificial sweeteners and preservatives such as BHT are sure triggers for me.

I just wanted to take a moment and alert all of you. Have a wonderful weekend, Tonya

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WOW!! Thanks for that information. I'm going to Whole Foods to buy STEVIA today!! A natural, safe sweetener.

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Thanks for posting this information - all of us with vasospasm need to look twice and thrice at what we're putting in our bodies.

My best,

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I joined this forum to share and to learn - thank you for this information.


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Hi! Thank you so much for your information. I just joined this group today, and look at what valuable information I just learned! I have increased my intake of Splenda recently and had been experiencing discomfort. As a matter of fact, I'm drinking a diet ginger ale with splenda in it right now! I had no idea that artificial sweeteners contributed to my vasospasms.

Again, thank you!

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Update: Two weeks now off of those Cool Caps. Zero migraines and only one day of chest pain (but over did it over the weekend prior). I've even returned to my old zanny, full of energy, bouncing off the walls self, albeit my energy depletes much more quickly than it used to in my past life.

I had a bout of stomach issues yesterday and went to reach for the pepto tabs. Darn it, those contain sacchrin. You have to read every label these days.

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