Troponin levels

hi, I had a HA on April 2, I was given several EKGs but it did not detect the HA however, it was determined by my Troponin level which was 40! I have been researching what this level indicates and have trouble understanding the results! I am from Canada.....can anyone offer an explaination and does the higher level mean more damage?

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The higher the level, the more damage or the worse the HA. They explained to me as, a part of the heart dies and releases cells into the blood. And they keep testing because when the heart attack is over the levels go down, that is how they know. The highest mine got was 28.

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I had a STEMI and my Troponin level was 50 and was told that the amount of damage correlates with the Troponin levels.
SP x

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thanks for responding

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Hi Marinab,
I'm similar to spareprincess: STEMI and troponin was >50. I was told I had a moderate heart attack; moderate left ventricular damage. My ejection fraction was 46% after my HA in March ('normal' is 55 - 70%) - this should improve in time. I hope you are recovering well x

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hi, thanks for responding......I am only reading about cardio rehab on this site!! I was not informed about that while in ICU??? I must follow up on this with my Cardio Dr when I go back for my second stress test in two weeks

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could you explain "injection fraction" please and thank you

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I'm adopting the Canadian way, my EF is closer to normal that way :-)

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hi, I guess PEI.....take care

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Actually ejection fraction is also measured during a stress test with perfusion scanning and is considered more reliable than that measured by an echocardiogram. With an echo; there can be modest variances due to the sonographer's technique and transducer placement.


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