toprol xl being taken off the market by FDA

does anyone know about why they pulled toprol xl off the market, my doctor seems to think that is why I had a heart attack two weeks ago

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Is it Toporol XL or Metoporol that they are taking off the market? I thought it was Metoporol.

I believe, I could be wrong though - so someone else correct me if I am wrong - that the patent on Metoporol as a generic for Toporol has expired.

The same thing happened with the generic that I was taking for Plavix. Of course they are going ot keep the more expensive one on the market.


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Auntie Mom knows what she is talking about listen to her. She has been on this site a long time and is a real help.

I am SURE that taking Torporol XL or even the metropol DID NOT CAUSE YOUR HEART ATTACK.

It is my main medication that I take. I have since gotten my prescription refilled since the recall. I take 150 mgs a day.

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I had been getting the generic for Plavix when they took it off the market. I hope I can explain how it worked for me without confusing anybody.

I fill my prescriptions at Wal-mart (not a advertisement for Wal-mart just most convenient for me). I called in my generic Plavix refill one day and when I got there later on that day to pick it up they had filled it with Plavix instead ($26.00 more). I asked for the generic and they said it wasn't available anymore. That was in January. One of the clerks, who floats between a couple of their pharmacies, told me to check with the Hadley Wal-mart (about 9 miles away) they had "tons of it there". So off I went to Hadley, the pharmacist there said that the reason he had so much of the generic was because he knew the patent was going to be running out and had stock piled the drug. He told me he had enough of the generic to fill my prescription until June! I was able to fill it through my May refill. At that point the patent had expired and they could not sell it even though they had it on the shelves.

I hope this helps.

Auntie Mom

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My understanding of the patent problem was the generic started being used before Plavix patent was up.In other words it was being used illegally.The Plavix patent is up in 2011 The generic will then be back out.I would not be surprised if that is thesame problem with the metropolol xl- It seems to me the toprol XL hasn't been out very long so it is probably another patent that hasn't expired yet.I know I can get the generic for ambien but not the ambien XR.It is still to new

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I just went in and read the Peoples Pharmacy article.Isn't that the same reason ETHEX was recalling so many generics?The whole thing with generics they are supposed to do exactly the same as the name brand.I think drug companies are rushing so much to compete they are putting us all at risk.

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My Phyc. Dr. told me the generic brands only have to have 80% of the same the ingrediants.I found out because I was getting my zanax from one of the lg drug stores in the generic,I had my next scrip filled at our local drug store,which was also a generic form of zanax.When I took my next zanax it knocked me for a loop,I took the same amount I always take.I did notice that the pill was a different shape and color,that's when I asked my Dr.what the difference was,it seems some generic co's use more or less of the non generic ingrediants.I find that a little scary,what if the other 20% that the generic is lacking is the difference in life or death?Now I get on line and find out where my generic was made.

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toprol xl and Metoporol, I cannot find anywhere where this medication is taken of the market. Not even on the FDA website.

Actually this is interesting; my pulmonologist would like to see me on Toprol Xl. I know I have had bad site effects with it…

Since I am diagnosed also with Interstitial lung disease, the lung doctor would like to see me of beta blockers. And wanted to see me on Toprol or metoporol….. I do not see any difference with all the Beta blockers I have taken.

All of them have the same effects and side effects…

I read an article in called “Drug-Induced Pulmonary Toxicity” that there were more than 380 medications are known to cause drug-induced respiratory diseases, they revered in the article to this website: PNEUMOTOX online

Finally the pulmonologist nurse explained to me that many heart disease patients ended up with lung disease. So I started checking it out while I am on home oxygen and now basically cannot go out without oxygen barely can even clean my home and work in the garden….. Untill they finally get a real diagnosis and get me oxygen outside the home.

Now the cardiologist, pulmonologist and surgeon are all not sure I should be doing this video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery as it is not to safe and have to get of my plavix…

So strange to me that the Pulmonolgist would want me on toprol XL now…….

Anyway check out the website from PNEUMOTOX online and see that most Beta blockers can cause this lung disease…

Take care, Erna

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Hi all,

We discussed beta blockers for a while here, well, we always do. It should be one of those "always open" subjects like sex ; ) Anyway, there's some great info on the recall in this one: blocker-are-you-on/?

If my link doesn't work, just earch beta blocker and you'll find tons!

- Peg

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Hi Everyone --
Toprol XL and metoprolol are the same formula, I understood -- one is a brand name and one is the generic. I take the generic, after being prescribed the brand name.
It has been a lifesaver drug for me, keeping my hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart in balance for the past few years.
What is the official word on it being pulled, does anyone know? I am really concerned what will happen if I lose this pharm that has worked so well for me!
Thanks -- take care -- kathy

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Kathy & all,

It was on the news here in MN that there was a recall and now a shortage because 2 of the 3 manufacturers had to quit making it. I'd check with my pharmacy sooner rather than later because of this. You may need to switch beta blockers, and that may require a Dr. visit. If your pharmacy doesn't know about it, check the link above and print it out for them. Many women have said their pharmacy didn't know (that's scary!!!). I'm on a very low dose because of side effects and happen to have enough until my next appointment.

- Peg

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Hello All
The FDA did not recall nor pull this drug from the market.
The FDA did warn the manufacturer of a generic version regarding documentation problems. The manufacturer decided to issue their own recall in Sept. in response to the FDA concerns.
The manufacturer withdrew existing supplies of the meds, which surely created a shortage of this generic.
The FDA does have a notice from Jan 30 regarding a shortage of this drug.
Looks like the Twin Cities may be the only place it got on TV :-)

In any case, talk to the doctor and pharmacist about any med change and/or any change in how you feel if you change meds.

healthy living to all

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The metropolol xr made by ETHEX and SANDOZ have lots that have been recalled.All of ETHEX has been recalled and the stuff from Sandoz was pulled off the shelves last November-according to The brand ToprolXR is still fine and probably if any other generics are out they are OK According to what I read these companies were not using FDA safe manufacturing practices Sandoz make be distributing metropolol XR again but who knows?

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I was at my cardio dr yesterday and he told me that all metoprolol succinate had been taken off the he put it "not recalled but taken off the market". So we are back on brand name Toprol XL...and he said most likely there will be a shortage of that soon because of all the people now taking that instead of the generic.
From now on we won't be taking generic unless we have no choice (price wise)....husbands heart had been so irregular for the year on the generic and now back to normal on brand name. When I checked it out with my pharmacist he told me that was the main problem...they just didn't act the I know why if only having 80% of the important ingedients.
Take care all............

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This is what I posted on 1/23:

a) Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablets USP, 25mg, 100 count (NDC 0185-0281-01) and 1000 count (NDC 0185-0281-10) bottles, Rx only, Recall # D-108-2009;
b) Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablets USP, 50mg, 100 count (NDC 0185-0282-01) and 1000 count (NDC 0185-0282-10) bottles, Rx only, Recall # D-109-2009;
c) Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablets USP, 100mg, 100 count bottle, Rx only, NDC 0185-0283-01, Recall # D-110-2009;
d) Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablets USP, 200mg, 100 count bottle, Rx only, NDC 0185-0284-01, Recall # D-111-2009
All lots with expiry date through August 2010
Recalling Firm: Sandoz, Inc., Princeton, NJ, by letters on September 17, 2008 and November 3, 2008.
Manufacturer: Sandoz Inc., Wilson, NC. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Inadequate documentation and in-process controls such that product may not meet specifications through shelf life.
6,369,592 bottles

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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I went to google to look for info on the Toprol situation after my mother said she saw something in the paper about a shortage. That's how I found this amazing site! Anyway, I take toprol xl, 200mg every day for several years now for bigeminal pvc's and pac's. I started taking the generic form last year and after two weeks was a mess!! Fast heart rate, tons of pvc's, shortness of breath, mild chest pains! So back on the brand name I went even though I have to pay 40 dollars a month now instead of 10 before the generic form came out. Last week the brand name went up to 50 dollars a month...I have to have it though. I tried other beta blockers over the years and this is the only one that gives me relief from the palpitations and the anxiety that goes with them. Anyway, I think the generic form is horrible and it wasn't in my head. I tried to give it time thinking that my body just has to adjust to it but with no success. Three days after starting the Toprol again I was fine. The generic brand was like taking nothing. I felt total withdrawal. I'm a nervous wreck now that there will be a Toprol shortage!!
Sorry, I'm getting long winded here. LOL I'm looking forward to making some heartdancing friends here. Some day I'll tell my palpitation story.

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I am concerned about this. I am on metorpolol (short acting) and my husband is on metroprolol XL both generic forms of the same drugm Toprol) which is being taken off the market the short or long acting? I just filled both of our prescriptions today and the pharmacisits filled both. If anyone has an article about it could you post a link so we can take it to our cardiologists? I was still taking Vytorin when it was under all that scrutiny and wound up not being taken off of it until I brought my doctor an article about it... he thought it was hyped but becuase I was concerned took me off of it.. now it is off the market, I think. also is there a question about plavix? my husband is on that too.

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Expressscripts wrote me that Metatoprol is back ordered for a few months (but would be back...) and they were sending me Toprol instead. But I had just switched to Toprol because I read that the 4th dose of Metatoprol was not being correctly time released.

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Here is a web page on the troprol xl problem.

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