Top 10 Gifts To Give a Heart Patient This Xmas

Hello Heart Sisters! I just found a great gift suggestion list at called 'Top 10 Gifts To Give Somebody With Arthritis', which included helpful ideas like an electric heating pad, pedicure gift certificate, etc.

That got me thinking about some great gift suggestions for women with heart disease.

For example, how about a lovely warm scarf to cover our chin/mouth to ward off those angina attacks when it's freezing cold outdoors?

Any more ideas?


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I'd love a relaxing massage.

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How about a brand new car with heated seats.

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Love the ideas so far...hows about a gift card to their favorite pharmacy and a monogrammed pillbox in their favorite color.

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The ever popular nitro necklace. I always wanted to bedazzle one to make it pretty...

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The Mediterranean Cookbook from Williams-Sonoma - heart healthy food!

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a pretty, gorgeous, charming medic alert bracelet or necklace that you actually feel upbeat when wearing. Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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Hi everyone,
I always ask for workout clothes. I can do anything better if I have new clothes to do it in. Also, new athletic shoes.

Have a Great Holiday

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I'd give anything for a Wii Fitness.

Any wealthy donors out there?

May the Blessings Be!


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Well would you believe what my birthday/Christmas gift is this year ?? My birthday is 12/24, and I'll be 42 yo.
I have actually asked my folks to help me pay for my cardiac rehab. Being I'll probably start in JAN 2010..and the fact my annual deductible is going up AGAIN to now $1500....i will have to foot the bill. This a a real need for me right now I'm asking any money for gifts go to my rehab fund.
Now years ago I never would of asked for something like this !!!

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I can't believe it is that time of the year again.

Great gifts for women with heart disease

Count Me Healthy Jewelry-great idea to help us keep count of calories and water daily-no more carrying a pen and paper around to jot this information down.

A food processor-great to help prepare all those heart healthy meals. I asked for one this year.

Cooking Classes-another great idea to help us make great heart healthy food.

Merry Xmas


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A zipper so they can stop cutting!!!

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Does such a thing exist? And what about that bedazzled nitro necklace? With boomers aging and facing more health probs -don't these things exist anywhere? And, btw-on discharge from a hospital after afib and resulting 325 mg. daily aspirin orders, the discharge papers recommended I wear an "aspirin" alert bracelet -anyone ever seen one of those or actually wear one???? Thanks for your replies!

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Previous post "does such a thing exist?" was in reference to medic alert items that are stylish and fun to wear - not zippers! lol -but what a good idea!

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They sell a nitro necklace but I've never found a pretty one. Most look like a steel pill on a chain.

I also am asking for post it notes so I can write down ideas, tasks & messages & leave them around the house for when my mind evicts them so I can figure out where I'm supposed to be or what I'm supposed to be doing.


A personal shopper for next Christmas to avoid the stores!!!!!

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Be careful with the nitro necklaces. Most of them are only big enough to fit 3 pills in which means the pills are exposed, not in an air tight container.

A couple years ago my cardiac nurse commented on mine and asked if I was aware that I needed to change out the pills every week! It has something to do with the pills being in the metal/aluminum container and around your neck - pill fob absorbing some of your body heat and making the pills ineffective over a period of a week. She said that carrying the pills in a bottle in your pants pocket is fine.

I myself would go for a Wii.

Auntie Mom

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How about a pretty red dress, or blouse or scarf to celebrate living and thriving with heart disease?

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Now, if I could just find a red dress that would fit! I have no difficulty finding sportswear I like, but that "special" red dress has been illusive.

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The food processor is so helpful! I have a small 3 cup one which works well for the most part, but a larger one is calling my name. I love to make soup and I'll bet it cuts my prep time in half.

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Oh, speaking of kitchen appliances... if you don't already have a slow cooker, put it on your Santa list!!

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Remember ladies we have been given the best gift! The gift of our lives, we are here for a reason! A massage is wonderful and a inside workout walking cd! Merry Christmas Ladies, God Bless us all!!!!

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