tOMORROW I finally get to see a doctor at Mayo in phoenix. Had this three months scheduled and didn't want to stay in the northlands. My doctor said I could go providing I was seen and monitored here. So mayo here I come. I hope that I they can get me back is nsr. I will try to keep you updated.

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This first days went better than expected. They are running a bunch of tests and will then try a cardioversion.

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They now think that I might have had a silent heart attach since Last month. I hope they are wrong.

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Third day is finished and by wed. I hope to have more answers. I had the best echo that I have ever had taken it took almost an hour ans was very thorough.

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Thanks for keeping us updated on your testing. I will be praying for many answers for you this week. Good luck!

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I was cardioverted yesterday. I am still in nsr with 125/65 75 pulse. How great it feels after four months.

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Great news!

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after all this time i'm back in a-fib.

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I am sorry to hear the AFib is back. There are several options for you to try. Were you on an anti-arrhythmic med like Amiodarone? I don't know if your Drs. have done an ablation. My husband kept going into AFib despite many cardio versions as well as the drug therapy and finally had the AV node ablation and a pacemaker. He feels much better. A friend had the electrophysiologist find a pathway that when abated stopped her AFib. She did not need to have the AV node ablation nor need a pacemaker. Don't be discouraged yet. It is a slow process to find the best treatment sometimes. Thanks for keeping us posted and praying for you.

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