The Top 10 Benefits of Cold Weather

Dog poop doesn't stick to your shoes.

There's no need to lock the back door because it's frozen shut.

The dogs don't get on the sheets with muddy paws.

There's no need to worry about driving the car because it probably won't start.

You don't have to bathe the kids because the water pipes are frozen.

The house will get warm without electricity because it caught fire when you tried to thaw out the pipes.

If it gets below zero, you can entertain yourself by throwing water in the air and watching it freeze before it hits the ground.

Your nose doesn't run when you go outside. (Warning: It runs like a faucet when you come inside).

You get to buy new furniture because you use the old stuff for fuel in the wood stove when you run out of wood.

You can walk on water.

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So funny! Makes me glad I live out here on the balmy west coast....


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I can tell you live in Michigan LOL.

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I needed this today. Thanks!! Kareno

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I'm sorry, but there ARE no benefits to cold weather.



It's 60 here and I'm freezing!!! I prefer 110 degrees, thank you very much........LOL

Your wimpy friend,

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That sounds like the good ole days when you went to bed early to get warm, no heat no running water ..boy did i come up a bit. It is a bit cold in jersey tonight .I had my cath last wed. and it really was not so bad..i did
n't take any happy juice so only had to stay an hour .
My dr. did the plug thing, glad thats over with , now for the tee..hope all is well with everyone and keeping warm..
Love to all , Liz

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I can think of a few more! I have fewer hot flashes and migraines in the winter! I can actually do some yard work without fear of heatstroke. I'm sooo thankful its fall now and I can finally sleep comfortably and wear soft comfy sweaters.

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