The "hang over"?

I had read somewhere, I cannot remember where, about this infamous "hang over" one can get with Cardiomyopathy. In case you think I mean alcohol, I do not. What I mean is that you have several really good days, over do it, then crash.. hence the hang over.

I managed to pack and clean my house - getting it market ready in less than a week. I have six kids. I am a single mom. However.. I have a rocking church family. Honestly, there were days I barely did anything as they did it all.. but i was still "on" and it was emotionally stressful. I am moving out of state (is that crazy? no not rhetorical) .

Anyway, I honestly did not think I over did it. Then saturday came (this last saturday) and I literally slept ALL day long. I was maybe awake 4 hours the whole day. I had to leave for a showing. So I took the kids to my SIL's where my MIL was babysitting my nephew.. and I fell asleep on the couch.. mouth open.. drool.. awesomeness.. then I went home and slept more. I felt horrible because it was a gorgeous day and the kids were jonsing to go out.. but i was like, "I never do this.. I NEED sleep." I even forgot to, or really was just in capable of, putting the kids to bed (fear not I have older ones.. 17 and such) and I awoke at 2 am to find several in bed with me and the others (minus teen who loves his room ;) ) all over my floor <3

has anyone done this? I feel better now.

Has anyone ever had "the hang over?"

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no one?

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Hello, happens to me as well. If I stay up too late, or overdo it in anyway I will have a couple days like you describe...where I have such overwhelming fatigue I can hardly feels like you are moving through peanut butter...just totally exhausted. It is really depressing to feel like that and I really don't have a cure or explanation.


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Hi. I haven't heard it referred to as a hangover but that term sure fits! I was diagnosed four years ago with cardiomyopathy and have been balancing life and living with heart disease since. Truly the best thing you can do for you and your children is listen to your body! If you need to sleep, you have to sleep. In a perfect world we all have help and can live with this without wearing ourselves out. Reality sometimes is very different. I went from working six days per week and taking care of my family to a full complete stop. I had to basically restart my life and pace myself, sometimes I have to let some chores or jobs slide for a bit. If I don't take care of me, I won't be around for anyone else.
So please, do all your doctor tells you to do, take the meds, watch the diet, and listen to your body. You will become the expert that hopefully will have you avoiding the 'hangiver'. We learn to live with heart disease so that we can live our lives
All the best to you...

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Thank you so very much! I like how you, salemsmom, put it.. having to completely stop. Linda.. thank you so much for replying. I just feel alone and needed SOMEONE to answer this thread.

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From a health standpoint, is it dangerous to feel that way? Just curious as I've just been diagnosed with HF and have seen more worse days than good days..but if i feel start feeling exhausted or just feel cruddy in general, i get worried that i'm damaging my heart, you know??

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yes, I experience this.

I am now retired, so I do not have to keep a regular schedule away from home. However I do keep a regular schedule at home. But if I get too busy, I KNOW it. Some days I do something, take a nap, do something, take a nap, do something. You have to rest when you feel the need to do so, I believe.

Food can also contribute to tiredness. If you eat too much, your body ends up using valuable energy to do something with the food. So maybe you want to eat less, eat smaller amounts more frequently than you have in the past, eat VERY healthy food. Food really can add to energy or subtract from energy.

Love to all,

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RCB.. I think it is just our body to telling us to slow down.

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I get this all the time! I have DCM and am a working single mom. I usually need one day on the weekends to recharge.

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I don't think I understood Cardiomyopthy is a heart disease. I kept wondering why I was so stressed out and fatigued. I still demanded a lot from myself so everything stayed the same with me going non stop since receiving the diagnosis five years ago. I lost a lot of weight so that helped my BP and I worked out a lot, so maybe that kept me symptom free for two or three years. I'm still fairly active but learning to take it easier than before.

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