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Social Media really does connect people, and here’s my latest example –

A while back I entered the patient scholarship opportunity for the Social Media conference at Mayo Clinic. You may have even been one of the many people who ‘liked’ me through Facebook. They awarded three scholarships for the patient/caregiver and one companion to attend the conference. I was not one of the three people selected to attend, but I did reach out to the winners with my congratulations.

There was a response from only one of the three finalists – and when I heard from Melissa Hogan, I wrote to her that if she was unable to find someone in her network to attend, to please keep me in mind.

It was a very pleasant surprise last week when I received a message from Melissa inviting me to attend the conference in October. I wanted to immediately reply ‘yes,’ but I had to work through some details as to how I would cover the cost of travel and my lodging, because those are not included for the companion and also get the vacation time off of work. I was finally able to arrange my finances and confirm with Melissa and the reps from Mayo Clinic that I will indeed be attending their conference. This is a great and very unusual opportunity and I plan to make the most of it.

Please take some time to read Melissa’s scholarship entry and follow her links to find out more about her cause – Hunter’s Syndrome, an extremely rare disease that affects her young son, Case. Her Mayo entry that tells more of her story is at essay

Her facebook page,,
has more information and some great pictures of this very special child. You can't help but smile back at Case.

Please take ten minutes to learn about Hunter's Syndrome, and view the film linked on her page BOYS WITH BIGGER HEARTS, ( or view it at

I am grateful and excited about this opportunity to view social media from the medical side. I'll be writing full reports to share so that hopefully we all are learning from this conference. Thanks again to all of you who gave me your vote of confidence.

my heartfelt best,

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Yes! We will all benefit from this! Can't wait to hear what you learn. You have been such a great advocate, supporter, friend and survivor. This sounds like a great fit for you.

Looking forward to your MN visit!


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