Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiomyopathy?

I have cardiomyopathy caused from a virus. I've heard alot about stem cell therapy. I know its not legally practiced in the U.S. "yet" but I've heard that other countries are already using this as treatment for patients with cardiomyopathy or who have had heart attacks. Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this?

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Not sure about treating cardiomyopathy with stem cells, but heart damage, yes. I have both cardiomyopathy and heart damage.

This news broke here in the US last year. The national news reported that this may prove to be one of the biggest break throughs in medical treatment for the heart ever! As a treatment option, now for now. It is my understanding that this could be a treatment option in 7-10 years down the road.

Here is a link: html

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Ok, just found news relating to cardiomyopathy and heart damage. and-improve-heart-damage

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Also check out

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To my understanding, one place in particular that has pursued some stem cell research is Cedars Sinai. There are others. Yes, look up the NIH website...that should have the CREDIBLE research listings.


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I explored stem cell therapy options all over the world. Be very careful in some countries that promise amazing results with just one simple in office under skin injection.They want money up front,your health insurance will not cover it,and many of these "clinics" are not regulated. On the other hand, Sweden,Germany,even Puerto Rico,have offered stem cell therapy for heart damage. It is very expensive, usually costing over $20,000 or more. I asked several cardiologists about the efficacy of this therapy and they say that no definitive studies showing benefit yet. While other countries were exploring stem cell research,our programs came to a halt during the Bush administration as some were afraid human embryo would be used. Sweden is currently working on artificial stem cells.
Thanks to Nancy Reagan and many others, raising awareness of the benefits of stem cell research,this therapy became more accepted for research purposes but I am afraid the U.S. is behind the curve in this area.

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They the cosmetic private companies in Europe are selling it like a commodity . They do teeth as well .A decent Doctor shouldn't be taking money to assess if turn you down this doesn't happen. The Doctors & Dentists contracted into a corprate set up which is not ethical.
I think stem cells are the way forward but not just yet unless you have a lot of damage .China may be OK . They were doing stem cells at Barts in London a couple of years ago .

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