Shortness of breath after heart attack? How long does it last?

I'm 42 years old and before heart attack was in very good shape. In fact, a month before my heart attack, I was in the middle of a move and hauling boxes up and down the stairs of my apartment probably 20 to 30 times a day and never even blinked. However, now, 10 days after my attack, I go up 1 flight of stairs and I am winded and have to catch my breath. Is this normal? And how long will it last?

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Hi there Tx, I had my MI on June 2 and I am still winded after a flight of stairs. My mind wants me to feel guilty, but then I remember I went through a major life changing event, and I'm on about 6 major meds...all those checmicals running around my body, some of whose effects are "shortness of breath" and I have to cut myself some slack.

How long it will last? Can't judge. Don't know how the chapter ends, never mind the book...Is it normal? Everyone is so very different...I've read 20 different descriptions of what someone's first Heart Attack felt like...Chances are great that someone has the exact same symptoms of "normal" as you, and someone else has never felt it that way. We are as individual as snowflakes, but thankfully there are enough of us here to most likely find a similar snowflake. Somewhere on this board is probably your snowflake twin. :)

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After my MI, I developed a strong sensitivity to extreme temperatures. If it is too hot, I get short of breath, sweaty to an extreme, weak, etc. The opposite, when temps get below 40 my muscles tend to cramp more, breathing becomes labored, etc. Luckily, the 40s and below are rare where I live.

You are not very far out from your MI at all. After I had my bypass surgery and heart attack, I had doctors and family and friends telling me what I should be doing and when. There is a standard the doctors go by. Family and friends want you better as soon as possible. Everyone heals physically and mentally on their own timeline. Report your shortness of breath to your cardio and see what they say. It may be your bodies' way of telling you to slow down a bit in the Texas heat.


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Hi Tx,
I am 43 and had a heart attack on May 13th and by pass surgery on the 14th. I still get winded when I go up our stairs. It is so frustrating because I use to run up the stairs all the time. I have been in cardiac rehab for 7 weeks and that has helped a lot. I often wonder if I will ever really got back to "normal". But, I am grateful to be alive and I try to be patient with myself. I hope you feel better!

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