right sided chest pain

I am curious if anyone has had pain in the right upper area of the chest radiating to the back. I thought that chest pain from a heart attack was usually in the center of the chest to the left. side. I cannot remember which side hurt when I had a heart attack. I think it was in the middle of my chest.

I looked at a few sites and most said right sided chest pain was from a muscle issue. Anyone out there have right sided chest pain and it turned out to be a heart attack?

Thanks for your responses in advance.

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Hi Beth,
For two weeks before my heart attack, I had pain on the right side of my chest during the cardio part of my aerobics class. Unfortunately, I didn't take it seriously enough and had a heart attack. During the heart attack, my pain was all on the right side. So, YES you can have pain on the right side that is related to the heart. Take it seriously! Better to have it checked out and be a muscle issue, than to ignore it and find out the hard way that it was your heart.

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Hi Beth,
Yes, I had angina and a heart attack with the following symptoms. There was initial pain in my right jaw. A burning, searing pain built in intensity across my chest, but was primarily located on the right side. It traveled to my shoulder down my right arm into my finger tips. My elbow and clavicle ached incredibly. As the intensity increased the burning pain moved to my back. On the pain scale of ten, it was a ten.

When I had the angina attack the first time my body was covered in sweat. The duration of the angina attack lasted an hour and half. A week later I had my heart attack, same pain but no sweating.

I was totally fooled by this right side thing. I thought heart attacks were generally on the left side. Everything on my left side chest, arm, shoulder, back, jaw were not involved or did not hurt enough so I would notice over the other pain. I assumed it was serious acid reflux or gallbladder.

When I had my heart attack I was driving with my son and asked him to go to the drug store to get Maalox. I am so grateful to my son, who said to me, "Mom I don't think Maalox is going to fix this", and drove me to the hospital which was three minutes away. I received immediate, aggressive care within the first half hour. I thank God I was with my son, if I had been at home I would have "toughed " it out, taken Maalox and laid down. I probably would not be here today because my left anterior descending artery had 99% proximal stenosis with a clot formed to totally block it completely They discovered three other arteries all on the left side of my heart blocked 70%, 80% and 98%. Yet all my pain was on the right??? I had emergency quad bypass surgery the next morning on August 19th and am doing well.

Hope this helps and please get it checked out. It may not be your heart, but you need to know for sure. Take care, be wise and diligent in pursuing the answers. Don't be fooled like I almost was. Ruth

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That is so interesting. I have always had my pain on the right side, and just determined that since it wasn't on the left side, it probably wasn't as serious. It does radiate into my neck and jaw, and then down my right arm. Sometimes into my back, with burning and pressure in my chest, mostly on the right side. My doctors are very casual about the whole thing, since I have a mitral valve prolapse, they figure I am not anyone they need to be worried about, and just tell me they can't find anything wrong, or at least that was the diagnosis about 5 or 6 years ago when I had my last echocardiogram.

I keep putting off getting another echo because I hate being told there is nothing wrong, and I am worried I may be having anxiety or something and will spend a lot of money on expensive tests that will again reveal nothing and make me feel stupid and like a hypochondriac.

I really don't want to have a heart condition that I need to worry about, but, I don't want to find out that I waited too long to have the tests redone, either. Our insurance is not very good, and we don't get paid very much in law enforcement to cover expensive tests if they aren;t really necessary. It's hard to swallow hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars, in medical bills that produce nothing, when you have 5 kids, two of whom are in college, and two mortgages (fixing up our old house to get a better selling price out of it). If ever I wished we had socialized medicine, it would be now.

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