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** Originally posted by user Susan 04/22/2006 : 14:39:27 **

Hi, I am looking for anyone that may have similar problems. About 15-20 nights out of the month I go to bed, lay down and about 15min later start to get a racing/pounding heart. It can last hours and I can't sleep. It is very random but is somehow tied into my cycle. It comes and goes but happening more. I had a heart monitor and heart is fine except rate recorded 175 bpm. It's starting to drive me crazy and sleep is becoming a big problem. I'm working with a ND and going back to MD. Can anyone relate?

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** Originally posted by user katsarecool : 04/24/2006 : 03:55:06 **

Hi Susan:

Yes, I have had a racing sensation of my heart for years, palpitations that seem to coincide with my periods and drinking beverages with a lot of caffeine. I noticed it beginning in 1984 when I was 34. I never did anything about it. Dumb me. I hope you do get some answers!

Welcome aboard!


Kats really are cool!

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** Originally posted by user rwilliams 05/11/2006 : 10:11:22 **

Hi! I have an 18 year old daughter who has had this racing/pounding heart thing on and off for a year. She has very irregular and sporadic menstral cycles. It seems to me the worst of these heart thing is when she has not had a period for several months and then is getting one. The doctor here is a wonderful kind person but thinks my hormone related theory is nuts. Men....
We have had the heart monitor and all that and it appears that all is well with her heart but it certainly doesn't feel fine when it is doing this. Any thoughts? I wonder if some kind of herbal remedy that would work to correct menstral problems would also address this? Any thoughts?

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** Originally posted by user Pat 05/11/2006 : 11:09:31 **

I also have some problems with a racing heart that IS tied to my monthly. Before I had my by pass surgery I mention this to my Cardio Dr. and was told that it could be coming from harmons. That if the problem becomes worst I may have to adjust my meds. during this time. Well I had surgery and am doing fine except around my monthly. Not as bad as before the surgery. I see the Cardio Dr. in June and will be mentioning this to him. My family Dr. also told me that some women during their monthly do have an increase in heart rate But it doesn't nessasary mean there is a real problem with there heart it's just a harmonal thing some women go through that I should moniter it and report it to my Cardio Dr. I sometimes wonder if it also might be caused my the extra water weight we women retain during this time of the month. Pat

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I too have had many racing episodes when I lay down to rest. I have had many heart event monitor cessions. I do have an arrhythmia problem (I have an ICD)and it doesn't always present with the 24 hour monitor. I'm not a doctor, but.....a recorded rate of 175 bpm is pretty darn fast. Have you seen a cardilogist or and electrophysiliogist? Have you had any other tests besides the monitor?

Also, I do tend to notice that my arrythmias get worse and more active during my monthly. I believe that hormones play a part in that. Electrolytes also play a big role in arrhythmias. I suggest that you NOT let your doctors poo poo your symptoms until you have some diffinitive answers.

Do you snore? I have sleep apnea and I'm over weight but not obese. Sleep apnea can also cause disturbances in you heart rhythem.

I wish the best for you and please be an insistant (squeaky wheel) advicate for your own health.

Write me anytime,


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Hi Susan,

I find that I get angina when I first lie down in bed, together with a racing heart. I've found that if I lie propped up by several pillows this really helps. Gradually I let myself slip down until I am in a comfortable position to sleep, but I often wake in the night if I have slipped right down again with heart racing and angina.

I was told at the hospital that in some women the weight of their breasts can add extra pressure to the heart when you lie down, it makes sense to me anyway.

Hope this helps.


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