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I will have my first angiogram tomorrow and I am really scared.. I am also coming down with a cold and was wondering if they should still perform the test or i will get rescheduled - i wouldn't really want as I took 3 days off from work because of this..

Also, how soon did you go back to work and / or resume normal activities after the angiogram?

Thanks a lot!

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Are you talking about a CT Angiogram or a cardiac cath?

CT Angiogram - they inject dye and take a 3D CT Scan of your heart.. setting up takes about 20 mins, test itself takes about 1 min. easy as pie.

Cardiac cath - you are taken to the cath lab, they enter your body at your grion and thread instruments up to your heart then inject dye and take pictures with a flouroscope.. when complete, you lie flat for 2-6 hours and have a sore groin for a few days...

A common cold should not interfere with either test.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Tucky,

Thank you for your reply. I am asking about a cardiac cath..

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I think after 3 days off you would be fine.. just depends on your pain level and tolorance...
I was still off for a week after mine, but I had also had an MI at the time so little different.. my groin site never hurt at all..

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3 days sounds like a long time to me.. i was planning to take the next day off only, since i do office work... i guess i'll have to see how i feel..

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When I had my heart cath I was out for 2 days but than I had the weekend to rest before I returned to work. The cath was real quick but laying down for the 6 hours was awful. I was sore the next day and developed a hematoma where they inserted in the groin but I am on blood thinners so it was to be expected. Understand you concern for worrying, I did the same thing the night before mine. A minor cold shouldn't delay it either. Good luck and take care. Let us know how things go.

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If you have an office job you'd probably be fine going back to work within a day or so. My groin was achy and the day after the cath was the worst but it steadily improved after that. The cath is nothing, in my opinion, as far as medical procedures go. The bedrest after is hard but depending on the closure device and bleeding you may only have to be down for two hours.

Hope it goes well!

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I had an angiogram in October last year, and took 2 days off work.

They actually did mine through my wrist rather than my groin and afterwards used a pressure bandage which they injected air into. Every half an hour they came and took my blood pressure and then released a little more air each time.

I arrived at hospital at 7.30am, went in for my angiogram at 8.15am and left hosptial at 1pm. I should have been out by 12.30pm but had a little numbness in my thumb from the local and they wanted that to clear.

I had deep bruising on my arm and was sore the next day but otherwise no advwerse effects (lucky)

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Hi Girls,
I had my cath yesterday, everything went well although I had to wait 5 hours bebore the procedure.. and it looks like my arteries are clean and heart function good... the question now is where the pain comes from..

Anyway, I decided to take the next 2 days off from work to make sure that the artery heals properly..


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If your going to have a heart cath than they may postpone it if your coughing. They really don't want you to do that during the procedure.

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I was doing great after my cath until yesterday afternoon (2nd day after procedure) when I started getting some lower back pain.. this morning the pain is even worse.. did anybody experience something similar?

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