please help backpain that goes through to chest

i am scared i've been having backpain that goes through to middle of chest back pain is between shoulder blades history of cad but never experienced this before and you all know how the hospital treats us has anyone had this before it's been off and on for 2 days, iam thinking maybe i hurt back without realizing it or maybe getting a chest cold please respond asap

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I was just in the ER this week for back pain that went through to the chest, but mine was left side. They did a blood test and said my d-dimer was elevated. I had never heard of that before but they said it meant I had more anticoagulants in my blood to break down clots so they had to do a chest X-ray and a CAT scan. (I have an ascending aortic aneurysm 4.6 cm) Luckily for me there was no pulmonary embolism. They decided it was muscle spasms and gave me a script for Flexaril.

I took all the Flexaril as prescribed but have had some more of the pains. Once on the right side and twice on the left. I have a follow up appt scheduled with my primary.

They tell us to never ignore chest pain........I hope you find answers.


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When I experienced similar pain, it turned out to be gallstones. Having my gallbladder removed did the trick. I had bypass surgery 2 years before that, so even thought the pain was different, it was chest pain, so off to the ER I went. Good luck finding out what is wrong and getting it treated,

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Hi Babybear,

What is your history with cardiac stuff? it might help us to relate to what you have experienced.

Best, Mary

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Hi Babybear,
I have MVD. My chest pain shows mostly in my upper back. I get the traditional pain and tightness, but nothing like the sharp knife in my back.
When I first got it I thought it was related to my heart. My docs kept telling me it wasn't and that I probably had a pulled muscle even though I was so fatigued I could barely lift my son. I went to the chiropractor to make sure it wasn't my back, since I have had a Hx of broken ribs and some herniated discs. He said that my ribs were out of place ( a little elevated) and popped them back in. It never fixed the pain though. I still get it all the time, and its always associated with my CP, exertion and or emotional stress.
You know your own body, exclude things, and then you will know. Keep a journal of when it happens and the activities associated with it. It will also help the docs understand your pain better.


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Back in January of this year, I had pain very similar to what you are describing. It came and went over several hours. At first, I did not want to have it checked out because I figured it was a spasm or acid reflux acting up. I finally called my husband at work and he took me to an urgent care, thinking that I would be back at home within a few hours. They did an EKG and chest x-ray, and the doctor came back in and said that he didn't like what he saw in the EKG. He thought I was having a heart attack. Once at the ER, blood tests confirmed that it was a heart attack, and I was quickly sent to the cath lab where I had one stent put in. I am not trying to scare you, but anything that is heart related or you think might be heart related, go have it checked out. My cardiologist told me that if I had kept putting it off, I might have had a massive heart attack. Take care of yourself and keep us posted. We genuinely care about what happens to you. I thank God for this web site, because I have made many new friends who are going through similar situations. Hopefully, it will be nothing serious, but please get it checked out. I have found out that the heart is nothing to mess around with.

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thank you all for your advice,ifinally did go to hospital 2 day stay and they ran every test possible most were fine, they did another cath it showed 60% blockages lad.rca.circum the dr wanted to treat but protocol is 70-75% blockages but iam going for a follow up thurs. because she thinks when stressed that the blockage narrows more

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