Plavix and sever bruising

I have been on Plavix for alittle over 5 years now and have always noticed I bruise very easy.
Recently however it seems the bruising has really gotten bad. I turn multiple colors and develope egg size lumps and am not sure what I bump to cause them.
My meds have not really changed alot but I am starting to worry.
Has anyone else experienced this?


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I'm sorry to hear of your bruising issues. I also take Plavix. I get severe bruising when I am on statins. When I go off the statins, most of the bruising goes away. Have you changed any other medications? Seems like you need to let your doctor know as soon as possible what is happening.

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Marty....I also get bruises very easy from taking plavix. I guess at work I hit my legs and don't even notice it, but I always have 3 or 4 bruises the size of a softball. They will have a hard lump inside them and be black, blue, green, purple, etc. It is embarrasing because it looks like I am I was a little worried at first thinking it might be happing from just standing alot? Curious to what others have to say. Treze

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Blood thinner does that and I believe Plavix is one, I take warafran and have to get my INR checked every other week. Watch your vitamin k intake the web page I use to look up my food is : Also, when you have the least little bump to your skin apply a ice pack as cold as you can get it and as long as you can stand it, stops the bruising from being so bad. You also have to watch those bumps my nurse told me that that was a serious problem. I bumped my ankle last week and it is unreal, just full of blood. My blood has to be thin for my heart valve. Just another thing to worry about!

Take Care

Good Luck


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Dear Marty,

Yes, the fact that Plavix is a blood thinner is why you are bruising. I cannot even take aspirin or NSAIDS, because I start to bruise and then wind up in the ER with nosebleeds. As long as I stay away from the above mentioned meds, my blood is OK. I told my husband, that with the way my blood is, I will probably never need Plavix or any other blood thinner. Be sure you let your doctor know about the bruising. Maybe he can lower the dose or do something to help you out.. I know before I found out about my low platelet count, I looked like someone beat me up, in a dark alley.

Good luck.


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Hi Marty:

After being on Plavix for 4 years, I suddenly "broke out" in huge bruises all over. My internist sent me to a hemotologist who said that the body can contain just so much Plavix, and then it bruises like mine did. He said they would go away and then come back for as long as I am taking the drug.
(He was right, they have all gone away, but I am waiting for their return!)

The bumps are also caused by Plavix. An icepack helps if you use it right away. Good luck!


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I can truly relate to the bruising issue. I have been on Plavix for less than six months and have bruises from my arms to my legs. Some are from bumping into things, but the majority of them just appear. Last week I had my first blood bruise. I hit my leg and a small pocket of blood developed. That was interesting. It eventually dried up. I did not bother it. I hope this is not an indication of problems with this medication. Has anyone else had these blood pockets to develop?

I have been told that the bruising is a result of being on the Plavix, so I have accepted it. I would be interested in knowing also if the bruising has been an indication of something else going wrong for others.

Awaiting your comments....

Your Bruised Heart Sister

Jean R....

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Well, I did call my doctor and I am going in for a CBC this morning. Meanwhile they said to stop all aspirin and even the Plavix until I hear from them. Will let you know what I find out.

Thanks for all of the input - it is good to know I am not the only one going thru this!

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Marty: I took plavix for a very short one or two weeks and almost immediately looked like a dog called a dalmation in a firehouse. It was horrible and they took me right off of it. Now I take a little bay aspirin. I never could take aspirins or such and broke out even before my 4way by- pass. I would like to know myself if that means it has anything to do with platlet counts?

Also, cumadin and the plavix affected my bowels to the point that I couldn't live my life...And that makes me really upset since I was a cardio arrest patient who survived for some reason...and I don't think that miracle was meant for me to die from plavix or cumadin...Too high can be as bad as too low... I have been told by my doctor. DebbieT

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I have ben on Plavix since May and I have had some very bad bruises! Two that resulted in large goose eggs. They lasted for a number of days. My doctor said it was from the Plavix and that I did not need to worry about them.

Cruisin' for a bruisin 2


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I also take Plavix and yep it causes what my heart doctor calls skin that spelled right??? lol I get big bumps and sometimes tearing of my skin if i hit to hard..I cant let my dog jump on me because she will tear my skin with her claws ..poor baby thinks I dont love her anymore.:( I just cover them if I can with a bandaid untill the darkest part goes away..beware of bandaids at the dollar store ..check where they are coming from ..I bought a box and they gave me such an allergy ..looked at the box and it was from Egypt of all places.. Have a great day
God bless your heart

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I don't know why this drug bruises so badly...even compared to cumadin. I had to go off of it because it was so horrible the doctors were affraid that the blood was flowing too fast and be harmful as well as too slowly or perhaps it is called easily through the body. Now I am on baby asprin Has anybody noticed bowel changes with plavis or cumadin. Mine softens and speeds up just as if I were on a softener to do that...but it is so strange. It is not diarrea..just soft and always moving. I have to use toilet paper over my minipads and this situation actually upset my life. I use more fibercon and immodium than my deceased husband did after his prostate problems. I can stop it with my immodium tricks but it gets me upset. Any one else???
Deb T

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Hi sweet lady. I would like to tell you that I take pLAVIX and 2 different doses of coumadin

everyweek. Bruising. is part of what happens with anticoagalants . The process of coating the platellets, so that they don't clot together is what coumadin and plavix does. The brusiseing part is just the fall out of that process.

I know how you must feel, I have been on anticoaglalnats for m0re than 10 years. but there are somethings that we just have to know what they are. Bruising is part of the process and in some ways it's what's we have to come to terms with.

For me, I will forever will be on some type of anticoaglant my whole life. Learning to live with that and to understand those periamerters are the things that is left to me.

I just hope that you can come to terms with your own level of strength, research what you need and come out whole.

It's a long and searchful journey for all 0f us, so here's wishing you the best and may you have a blessed journey to your end.
Be well and may y0u have a peaceful resolve.

Live well,

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Contact your doctor asap. The first thing I am asked is if I have noticed excessive bruising. I have not so I do not know what they would do, but obviously it is at the forefront of my nurse's questions to me.


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I know my doctor told me I would bruise easier (I just started Plavix in July) and I do get small bruises - sometimes I am not even sure what from. It is good to know it may turn into larger bruises down the road. It certainly would have scared me!

I hope it gets better and please let us know what your doctor says about the big bruises.

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I know this is LONG after the note was written but I still feel compelled to say that I notice you were on Plavix for 5 years and then suddenly the bruising changed and got worse.

When ever the symptoms change but the treatment does NOT change, I would feel I needed to let the MD know. Changes often mean something new is happening in our bodies.

I would like to know what happened to Marty? What did the doc say?


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I am so glad that everyone talks about what is going on with them and their treatments. I am also on Plavix and I have noticed that I bruise easier than I did before starting it. I too have noticed bruises and not known how I got them. And the colors of the bruises are something that I have not experienced before. Just the other day, I was having a hard time deciding what to wear so I could color cordinate with the bruise on my hand. :) It was a deep pink but not quite purple color. I also get lumps with my bruises. I told my husband that he better treat me extra nice or I could call the police and show them all the bruises and he could go to jail for battering his wife. LOL I was just kidding with him. But he has been so concerned with my bruising that I talked with the cardiologist about it. He told me that it was normal for someone on Plavix. He also stated the my being cold all the time is due to the Plavix. Has anyone else experienced being cold and not being able to get warm? I do live in Wisconsin so it gets cold here, but this is worse than last winter. I come home from work and turn myself into a down sandwich. I sit on a down comforter in the recliner and cover up with a down comforter all while wearing a sweatshirt, t-shirt, long underwear and jeans and it usually takes me an hour to finally warm up. I have never been this cold before. I dread when I look at the weather station and the forecast is below freezing.

Thanks for all the support and comments. It has helped me feel semi-normal again. At least not so alone.

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Hi Debbie,
I also am cold all or most of the time. I was cold all summer and wore my sweater all the time. The only time I warm up is when I am exercising. I wear long underwear all the time, covered by long sleeved t-shirt, blouse or sweatshirt, and a sweater or even 2 sweaters. I have always been cold in the winters, but now I am very cold all the time. My doctor said it is a combination of the blood thinners and my very low blood pressure that causes this. I live in Illinois-just a stone's throw from the Green County Wisconsin line, so our weather is similar.
Try to keep warm- at least it is a little warmer outside now!

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Newbie here! I've been on Plavix since my heart attack 1-1/2 years ago and my cardiologist says I'll be on it the rest of my life. I also bruise severely but have finally accepted that as part of the "game". Trying to avoid bruising is like trying to avoid walking---can't do it! Just carrying a bag of groceries can result in bruises on my arms.. IMHO, it's an automatic result of taking any blood thinner. I also have a large dog/puppy with sharp claws who likes to play---I wear heavy sweatshirts fo help ward off seriious scratches that break the skin. The most irritating thing to me is the long periods of bleeding when the skin is broken---even for the slightest little thing. I now have a cabinet full of BandAids etc! *LOL*

I also feel the cold much more that I used to...but I'm a displaced desert rat from Arizona now in the cold Virginia mountains, so I accept that as well. Even though it's more expense and I do wear warm clothing, I turn up the thermostat---guess I just like my comforts.

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I get all sorts of bruising. Seems I run into things with more frequency now that, as I like to say, "Bruise like a peach". They are nowhere near as bad as the ones I had when I was on coumadin, they were ridiculous and of course I ran into doors lol...and my Mom was giving me shots of blood thinner in my stomach fat...which bruised and looked similar to an eggplant...I can tolerate my bruises now and couldn't care less if people see them on my legs, arms, whatever...I survived a heart attack and if you don't like my bruise, go somewhere else.

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I also bruised heavily when I was on Plavix for the better part of 2004-2007. As I mentioned in another thread about Plavix and ulcers, I was taken off Plavix when I suffered a serious GI bleed this last April. The bruising has stopped, so mine was related to the Plavix. It is a know side effect, but I think it is worth a mention to your Dr. if it has gotten worse.


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