Plavix and Omega 3s Is it Safe?

Hi all,

I have been on Plavix for four years (was told I will take it for life) due to a blockage in my innominate artery (off the aortic arch leading to my caratod)... so I took 1000 mg of Omega 3s for a few days recently and felt so much better... but then read the small print that said to avoid Omega 3s if you are on blood thinners.

Does anyone have experience with Omega 3s? I have read in a few other posts that others are taking Omega 3s with plavix...

Any info you share is much appreciated.

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After my Mi I was prescribed plavix and 1000mg of omega 3 by my cardio. The omega 3 raises the risk of bleeding slightly which is why it is suggested a physician is consulted before taking it if you are on blood thinners.

I only took plavix for 1 year but continue to take aspirin and so far I've had no problems.

Jay x

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Yes, it's ok. I'm taking Plavix and fish oil (high in omega 3s) post MI and CABGx3. The heart surgeon was strongly in favor of the fish oil, as were my cardiologist and internist. An issue with fish oil is that there isn't a known reversal agent (in the event of a medical emergency requiring surgery), so it's important to be aware of how much you are taking and when, just in case.

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Dear hopefully searching,
I have been on Plavix and 2 aspirin for 5 months. I have had the same question about omega 3. Do you know anything about Lovaza? It is omega - 3 - acid ethyl esters capsules. It is suppose to be controlled by the FDA. You have to get it through a doctor. They are suppose to make sure it does not have anything else in it. Since I am taking aspirin with the Plavix I am not sure if I should take them. It does thin the blood.

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I have been on aspirin for 9 years since triple bypass, then Plavix once I received a stent. My old cardiologist recommended Lovaza and when I switched doctors, he told me to buy any fish oil over the counter. He thinks they are pretty much the same and I should save money. So I take all three and last week I hit my head on a cement step, bled really bad and once I had ice on it, I was fine. There doesn't appear to be a problem. I suppose the whole idea is to keep your blood flowing.

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Hello...I had quadrupple bypass and 18 Stents. I've been taking plavix, 325 aspirin and fish oil. I like fish oil because for some reason i find that it makes my skin more smooth. :) Oh, ask your doctor if it's ok for you to take the fish oil. Maybe he'll say, take fish oil and stop aspirin. Who knows? I don't like aspirin because they say it's bad for the stomach. I take them anyway so far, I am still alive after more than 8 heart procedures.

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How much Lovaza did you take in a day? Lovaza is the only fish oil that has been tested.

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Two each day. Now I take Natures Brand. It's so hard to know exactly what to do and each doctor tells you something different.

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Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences on this! I took 500 mg over the counter Omega3 today and feel so much better.

I don't currently have a doctor but really appreciate the info on needing to keep emergancy people informed that I am taking.

As for the Lovaza I have no idea or experience.

I am on plavix but no asprin. No stents yet but recommended. Was told I would be on plavix for the rest of my life (at 44 yrs old).

Not sure what some of the acronyms ppl are using?

Thank you very much

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Courtesy of dear Laura! -newbies/

Lidia xx

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I take plavix, 325 aspirin & lovaza. I couldn't do over the counter fish oil because it made me belch fish all the time & I hated it enough to stop the fish oil. The lovaza has no repeat fish taste. For me that is worth it over the store brand. I bleed more than normal when I cut myself shaving but that has happened since the plavix started 12 yrs ago. Have a great day!!


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Hi all,

Thank you Grace for those acronyms!

The Omega3 I take is from Whole Foods - while I was there I asked the person in the vitamin area her thoughts and she said all the people at Whole Foods like: Ultimate Omega made by Nordic Natuerals. They liked it because the burping fish oil was minimal compared to the others - and that it had the best positive impact according to the workers who take it.

The only other Omega3 I have taken was a few years ago and it was the Longs Drugs brand... but this particular brand did not positively make me feel better.

With this Ultimate Omega (it has both the EPA and DHA) I really feel a difference... but that may just mean my arteries are more clogged now :( not sure...

Thanks for all your input.

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Dear Amy,
How much Lovaza do you take in a day?

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2-1gm capsules. They said they might up it to 4 a day if my tri's don't fall.

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Hi again HopefullySearching!

I've been on Plavix for 6 years due to stroke. I have no problems at all with it, other than that it causes bruising. I bruise easily anyway. Ask your doctor, but I don't think you should take other blood thinners with it. Talk to yo soon :)

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I went on plavix 8-09 after two stents. By jan 2010
I went back in had double bypass. They said the medication in the stent and plavix didn't work.

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In 2006 they discovered that I had A-Fib, and one artery blocked 95%. I now have one stent. Since that time, I am on Plavix, Coumadin, and my Cardio suggested that I take Omega's 3 also. I take 1000 Mg, 3 times a day with meals. No fish burps! I get mine from Puritan's Pride. Please understand that I do have a PT check often, required by my Doctor. Mine can't get too thick, because of blood clots. They must keep it thin enough to pump easily to the brain. God forbid having a stroke, if at all it can be prevented. Good luck to all, and God Bless!

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Yep, I also take Nordic Naturals called Xtra and .81 aspirin. The Xtra is higher EPA to DHA and supposedly more for people with cardiac purposes, or so I was explained at a store called Pharmaca here. Best to all ~ Mary

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