Plavix & Aspirin and (1) Drink

I was wondering if I can have a glass of wine or beer with dinner 1 or 2x per week? I am taking Plavix 75 and a 81 aspirin. I have been on this since my stent in the middle of December 08.

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Hello afargelli

Read WomenHeart's official response to last week's UK study of 1 million women re alcohol/cancer link: ol-safe-for-women/

Until this study came out, it was commonly believed (and still might be) that one glass of wine per day (but no more than one for women!) was actually good for heart health and longevity. At Mayo Clinic last October, we learned that heart benefits are not limited to red wine only - could be white wine, beer, vodka (apparently it's the alcohol content that's good).

Your meds packaging will indicate whether alcohol consumption should be avoided; there is no such warning with Plavix.


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Hi, I am on both aspirin and plavix and was told by my physician there is no problem with drinking alcohol while on these medications. He of course recommended red wine, but I have not found one that I like or does not give me a headache.

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I'm also on Plavix and aspirin. Every doctor and nurse I've dealt with has known that I have a glass of wine with dinner nearly every day, and none of them told me to stop.

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I take 325 aspirin and 75 Plavix. I was fine drinking occasionally. I now take Ranexa too and don't drink at all. But one thing I used to do is not take my apirin if I knew I was going to drink and have thinner blood because of it. I don't suggest this for you, but I have severe dizziness and vertigo from the plavix and when my blood gets so terribly thin, bad things happen. Thats what alcohol does, thins the blood.
With thinner blood comes less oxyzen though and that can cause your heart to ache. Just things to keep in mind.
I would just love, love, love a margarita!!
Be well!

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Hello...I have heard that wine can be good for you...but I guess I am one of the odd ones cause
I never cared for it. I would rather have a Singapore Sling or a Brandy Alexander lol..but don't drink anything since I had the heart attack in July. When my son gets married next year, maybe then I will have a sip of champagne (yuk) which I really hate. I have heard from several people and comments on tv that red wine is good for your heart....just don't overdo it....

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