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my name is Rosa I had HEART ATTACK on april 24 2012 this has been the most scariest thing in my life i feel like i still dont know how to deal with this am only 33 yrs old and i have a 2 yr old girl and a 14 year old boy every time i look at them i start crying just thinking of not being here with them i hope joining this group helps me deal with having heart problems am still over weight and i still smoke ive been trying to work on both of those problems so if anyone has any tips for me i would forever be greatful....

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Welcome Rosa. You are so young to have to deal with this issue. That first year is hard and I think it must be harder when you have young children. But there is no reason you need to worry about to being here, people can live many years after having a heart attack. Quitting smoking and losing weight are both very, very hard. You just have to keep trying, it is something I too have struggled with. I don't really have any tips, but I do wish you all the best. You live in one of my favourite places, beauty surrounds you.

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Hi Rosa -
I had a heart attack on September 1 due to a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). I'm not sure what yours was caused by, but regardless of the cause, I understand your feelings. It is scary and difficult to deal with. Right now I can't exercise like I used to but I have found that daily walks (moderate pace for about 2 miles - just check with your doctor to make sure that's okay for you) have helped me keep my weight where it was, so at least I'm not gaining. I highly encourage you to check with your doctor or pharmacist about some kind of smoking cessation product or plan. Do this for yourself and for your kids. My best wishes to you and I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

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This site was and still is a life saver for me. You will find so many people with similar stories that will help you see that there is life after a heart attack. I had my heart attack with one stent in the LAD (they call what I had the widow maker) on 12/30/10. This site saved me from myself. I quit smoking the day of my heart attack and have not looked back. I still need to lose weight, and I am working on it. Feel free to ask questions, and voice how you are feeling so we can all pitch in and help you. I will say....quit smoking. Just put them can do it. Next time you look at your kids and cry because you are worried about not being here for them....think what those cigarettes are doing. It is hard...I know. I smoked almost as long as you are old and I did it. I choose to live. Good luck and we are all here for you!

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Hello there Rosa,

You will make it, because you care. You will find friends, kindred spirits here.
Here are some tips that helped me. When you feel like a smoke, brush your teeth. I never wanted
To smoke after brushing. Plus, you'll have a brilliant smile. Next, before eating drink a glass of water with lemon,
Something in the combination of the two help curb the appetite.

Take care Rosa. Gcolleen

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Rosa - this is a great deal of stress to be under and I trust that you are able to find some answers that work for you.
Due to my husband's heart issues, I have been researching different approaches and have found one thing that is backed up by many medical studies / Doctors.
He has only started this product, recently but the testimonies of many others are very encouraging.
I plan to hear more about it and will most like attend a information session in Toronto, Ontario this coming Thursday.

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I quit smoking when I had my HA this past June. Used the patch and electronic cigarettes. Here in Canada they only come without nicotine but with patch helped a lot. I smoked for 40 years. Still miss it tho. My chances of having another heart event dropped by 50% just by quitting. When I want a smoke I ask myself if I want that smoke or die. It's really a simple choice. Specially with kids.

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Hi its was crazy reading your story I have the same my LAD was bloked 85% after my stem is less than 15% the I was down to 1 cigg a day but then I gain 18lbs now I smoke about 5a day witch is Bette than a pack. But still not good.thank u for your reply coming to this website was the best thing a could off done reading everyone. Story makes me feel I am not alone!!

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Hello Rosa

I was 34 when I had my heart attack in 2009. My kids are now 7 and 11. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in feelings of fear and shock and uncertainty. I don't smoke, but I can relate to the struggle with weight loss. I've gained and lost 20 lbs over the last four years. Still trying to figure that out.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy your kiddos. It will take time to recover and process your experience.

Take care of yourself.

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Rosa, I'm wondering if your doctor suggested Cardiac Rehab for you. I certainly found it so helpful not just in getting me back on track but in setting up a whole new model for me of how I live (exercise, no smoking, etc). You might see if you can do that now to help with the changes.

I also see a therapist on a regular basis and that too seems to really help - having a heart attack is such a massive shock at any age and we need help handling it.

I quit smoking (had smoked for 45 years) the day I had my heart attack and it actually was not too hard. I found that I did better when I told myself I would not smoke that day rather than I'm never smoking again (and in fact I have an unopened pack of cigs in a drawer reminding me that I am each day making a choice). I did not try an electronic cigarette but that might help a lot - I did use patches. And when I got really desperate I would take a walk, look for someone smoking along the street and inhale as I walked by them! LOL! One whiff plus the walk seemed a better option than giving in.

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I stopped smoking to support someone with cigarette related cancer. I too, just told myself I would never have to go through this day again so took it a day at a time. I quit cold turkey-not easy and I wanted a cigarette for several months but not any more. Cannot believe I ever smoked now. You are not only stopping for yourself but for your boys. Do all you can do to be there for them. They need their Mother for years to come. I did counted cross stitch every time I wanted a cigarette, I would pick that up. Some people eat lifesavers or chew gum. Others make themselves wait a period of time for urge to pass. I needed to keep my hands busy and my mind occupied. As to losing weight, if you have a smart phone there is an app called Lose It and my granddaughter lost 200 lbs. using this to track her meals. I am so proud of this girl. Losing weight and smoking cessation can give you your life back for years to come. Remember that!

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