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I have artery disease. I have 2 stents in my iliac arteries in my legs. I have seen a back & hip Dr. but nobody knows why when I walk it is so so painfull but when I stop it goes away. I don't know where to go from here. I'm ready to lose my mind. I can't go shopping or walk any where with out the pain. I'm wondering if it's a med I'm on. I go back to my heart Dr. Friday to schedule my heart cath to see if I need a stent yet. I'll see if he has an idea what to do. Please, I need help.

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Oh my god I am the same , pain after walking 3-5 mins , in the femoral/groin , worse uphill ,relieved by rest. I have had so many tests that dont show anything. I am going out of my mind also. You have had a diagnosis and stents in the illiac , could it be they are not working ?Closed up ? Are you having cath to check your legs aswell ?Good luck.


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"google " iliaac artery and read all the posibilities there. Coud be your stents are blocked. I have a sacoiliac joint problem and have pain in the left hip. However, recently have extreme pain in my right leg. Like you I can't stand long nor walk to long. right now sitting, my leg feels as if it is stuffed with something and it aches. I have been to the Dr. (GP) and he blames on varicorse veins. Am seeing my cardio tomorrow and will ask him about it. My pain moves. Now this feeling is just below the knee. Can be lower or even high than the knee. If you get answers, please let us know. Oh, with the sacroiliac joint problem, I'm not suppose to climb stairs or walk up hill. This just makes the pain worse.

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I'm pasting a link to a previous discussion. tins/

lidia xx

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I, too, had leg pain some years ago. I ended up with a stent in the right iliac, and it took away the pain for many years. I just had coronary stents, and am having problems with leg circulation again. I do take extra vitamins (COQ10, oxidation). I don't know if it helps. I've had my leg stent checked, it is clear, but if you are having that type of pain something may be blocked somewhere.

I, too, was diagnosed with sacroliac / have had 2 cortizone injections. I've had 2 back surgeries in the past. My doctor is talking surgery because the pain goes from the back to the groin. I'm going to do chyropracty / acupuncture / hot stone massage, whatever I have to before I do a surgery. I think these people are surgery crazy. I hope you get better.

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LidiaS, I read the link on statins. I am taking zocor and still have high ldl (107) - it's genetic. I don't think they can stop it because of the hereditary factor and they just keep pumping drugs into us that are paid to push. I don't respect much of the medical profession anymore.

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No it's not the stents. I get them checked every year with a cath and the are clear. I read the other articles And they seem to think its the Zocor. To think about it my pain started after that. I have been on it I think about 4 or 5 years. They take blood test once a year to check the liver. I guess it can destroy it. I take 80 mg a day.These are the med's i'm on---Nitro as needed ,Imdur 60mg, Plavix 75mg, Wellbutrin 300mg,Nexium 40 mg 2 times a day, Synthroid 125mg 1 time a day, Vasotec 20mg, 1 time a day, Baby aspirin 81mg, 1 time a day, That's my morning pills, Here are my evening pills, Cardizem 240mg, 1 time a day, Zocor 80mg, aday, Retoril 45mg, a day, Now i'm wondering if it could be the muscles. I'm going to Calif at the end of Aug. My cousin has a wheel chair for me but I really don't want to use it. I have rode those cart's at the store & people look at me, like why are you riding it when other people need it. I was even asked why I was parking in a handy cap spot, you don't look like you need it. I'm not going to tell them my life story. I'm just so fustrated. Thanks for listenini. Bless you all.

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JuiceR I feel the same way about the medical professions it is all about tests and pills

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No it's not the stents. I get them checked every year with a cath and they are clear.I read the other articles and they seem to think it's the Zocor. To think about it my pain started after that. I have been on it for 4 or 5 years. I take 80mg a day. These are the meds i'm on. Nitro as needed, Imdur 60mg. Plavix 75mg, Wellbutrin 300mg, ( that keeps me from smoking ) Nexium 80mg,Synthroid 125mg, Vasotec 20mg, Baby aspirin 81mg, Cardizem 240mg, Restoril 45mg. Give me your thoughts. Thanks. P.S. For one month i did leg lifts and it seemed to help. I think my muscles are getting week for some reason.

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dear juice & nice lee, so you don't trust your doc or meds. 25 years ago people just died , now we take statins and plavix to correct our fat filled arteries. don't take any blame for your condition while there are scientists and labs trying to help us. they are easy targets. I am grateful for every day my doc and drugs give me.

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I'm very happy for every day I have . i would not be alive if it wasn't for the meds. All I want is a little better quality of life. Its not fun to go shopping with out having to hold the buggy. I just want to figure out what's wrong with the legs. I want to be able to walk with out pain.

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dear juice & nice lee, Have you ever gone to big city's for help. I have always heard once you have back surgery it's never right. Join a club and see if the swimming pool will help. They say it's good when it's worm. It relxes you more. Best of luck.

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"I have rode those cart's at the store & people look at me, like why are you riding it when other people need it. I was even asked why I was parking in a handy cap spot, you don't look like you need it. I'm not going to tell them my life story. "
yeah tell me about it ,people look at me with my stick as if I am just mad ,coz I look young and well on the surface. It is humiliating."Its not fun to go shopping without holding on to the buggy " - I know I feel the same about the damn stick. Its just a pain in the groin!
Good luck at your appointment with the cardio. Will the angiogram look at your legs again ? How did they diagnose the blockage in the illiac in the first place?
best of luck

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Hi there
Two things on your posting, firstly just as I read your medication listing, I was recently taken of Nexium because of the interaction it had with the Plavix, apparently these drugs are not as effective as they should be when taken I am on an alternative stomach drug, on the recommendation of my GP.

Secondly Legs !!, my right leg gives me pain the way you describe, I had a Doppler ultrasound done a couple of weeks ago and my readings were within the 'normal' limits, so this hasn't helped me nor my legs maybe something you could try?? And the conclusion at present is 'we will monitor it' so I persevere..

Good luck

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When the circulation to the legs are impaired, due to occlusion of iliac or femoral arteries or both, we can expereince claudication. that's extreme, pain, tiredness and heaviness (like you've run a couple of miles, or been exercising for a long time, weight lifting, that burning feeling). It goes away after a few minutes of rest, then returns as soon as you start walking again. It's the primary symptom of peripheral artery disease, or peripheraly vascular disease, PAD or PVD. Stents are sometimes used to open an artery, but have a statistically short efffective time (not talking about heart stents here!), often having to be replaced in a year or so in the femoral artery. Also, if these stents become completely occluded suddenly, the circulation to the leg can be lost. It only takes a few hours to lose a leg this way.

So, my dear heart sisters, if you have CAD, you are a greater risk of PAD, so please take leg pain seriously.
There are other surgical treatments, but they are huge surgeries (femoral to femoral bypass, aortice bi-femoral bypass). Also, if you have PAD, you are at a greater risk of CAD (and stroke as well).

Like around the heart, the body can "grow" colateral circulation around a blockage. That's good news. PAD is often ignored, the patient thinking they are just out of shape, or getting older.

The tests are simple and painless, using ultrasound and blood pressure cuffs. They take only a few minutes. If your legs hurt, insist on the tests.

That's my two cents worth. I have both. My mom lost her leg last year (died of colon cancer this year). My illiac arteries are occluded and femoral arteries too, so much so they can't get a cath in there to put in a stent. I'm putting off having the mega surgery. One bypass (cardiac) a decade is enough for me if I can help it.

Blessings, Allie

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New Allie,

Your bio is phenomenal. I love the last few paragraphs especially.

"Since the surgery, I've felt so different, and not just physically. I feel as if I'm not the same person. Much of what was important to me matters little at all and so much that didn't take priority in my life is now all that matters. It's slowly sinking in that these feeling of change are indeed physical. Life as I knew it is over. it's all new now.

My tendency to believe how other's felt was more valid than how I felt has become blarringly obvious. Even more obvious is that I can't be that way anymore. I typically explained away a person's rudeness of mean behavior. No more. I gave more than I got and pretended my heart wasn't breaking when it was. My heart matters and if it doesn't matter to me, it's certainly not going to matter to anyone else. I am so grateful my dear Lisa insisted on that MRA. I'd have probably explained away my symptoms until my heart just quit, thinking again I was imagining it or being a wimp. Old habits die hard.

Yes, as a "young" woman, the medical community did not believe my heart was in trouble. But, I too accept responsibility. I ignored my heart for many years, in so many ways. I've been a caregiver all my life. I have four children, I spent over twenty years as a nurse before going into ministry. Putting others first was something I did and wore like a crown."

This is all off-topic from the subject above, but I just admire it (you and your reply) so much.

Best, Mary

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Thank you Mary. Love, Allie

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