MTHFR gene and heart issues

I am wondering if anyone on here has been told that they have the MTHFR gene? (It looks like some dirty words, but actually stands a long scientific term.)
I am asking because my racing heart, delayed skipped beat episodes are accompanied by TIA-like symptoms. I have had these episodes for almost 8 years with no explanation. I am currently wearing an event monitor to help determine if my issue is with my heart, since until last month, all docs have looked in the nervous system.
Since I am homozygous (1 copy) for the C677T MTHFR gene- which causes a higher risk for blood clots- especially in the presence of hormones, I have began researching the relationship between this condition and heart arrythemias that may lead to TIAs. The neuro/ stroke specialist at Duke suggested that the TIA- like symptoms my be due to the pooling and eventual clotting of blood in my heart that an break off tiny clots, leading to the TIA episodes, which- for me- include fatique, thick, slurred speech, blackouts of vision and hearing, and tingling on my right side.
Because of the MTHFR gene, I took Lovenox injections during my pregnancy. Apparently the risk of clots to the placenta is high, but the shots let me have a full- term pergnancy and a healthy baby.
Since this has been going on for 8 years I have been doing reasearch to educate myself, in hopes that my knowledge will help me to better communicate everything that the doctors need to hear to finally make a correct diagnosis.
I am newly 32 years old and have been dealing with this for almost 8 years. I really wish that I could get a correct diagnosis and treatment so that I can get on with my active life.
If anyone has any information to share with me on this, I will GREATLY appreciate it.

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