Has anyone else experienced excessive tiredness from Metoprolol? I complained today at rehab that I am exhausted and sick of having to sleep 12 hours a day. They asked about what ACE inhibitor I was on. I'm taking 50mg twice a day. I just find it odd that my dad is on the same med and it doesn't seem to affect him at all.

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Metoprolol is a beta blocker not an ACE inhibitor. It can cause tiredness. I was on it many years ago and hated the way it made me feel so I stopped. My BP has been high for years and I tried other methods to lower it but was unsuccessful. Last year I had a heart attack and I am sure that along with other risk factors in my life my High BP was a large contributor. I am now on 50 mg. 2 times a day. I am also not myself, but I do not know if I will ever be me again. I have had to suck it up and take it and it controls my BP very well. I have other things that I am working on to lower it (weight loss, exercise etc), but for now I will try to deal with the fatigue. I also think the fatigue has improved as my body has adjusted to the med over this past year. I do not take ACE inhibitors although they were originally prescribed as I hated the ongoing cough as well as the insomnia that seemed to accompany it as well. Nothing worse than being tired from the beta blockers, but not able to sleep from the ACE inhibitor! Good luck trying to work out your meds - always an ongoing struggle!

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It mad me feel so tired and sluggish. Like I was moving through jello. My fingers and toes would get numb at bedtime. My throat even felt "slow" as I was having a hard time swallowing food. The doc kept cutting it back, back, I still felt pretty yucky. I already have low blood pressure, so it was just slowing things down too much and I was taken off of it. If it helps, my husband who had been on blood pressure meds for years, just came off of them as he was able to lower it through weight loss, exercise, and diet. I know this doesn't work for everyone. Good luck working it out.

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I began taking Metoprolol 25mg twice a day for MVP 3 days ago and I too have felt very sluggish. I definitely feel "drugged". I have also had a miserable, throbbing headache associated with the pills. I am going to give it to the end of the week to see if these side effects wear off as my body gets used to taking the meds.

Good luck.

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For the first three months after my heart attack in March of '09, I took Metoprolol 25 mg once/day. Not only did I feel tired and sluggish, like I was moving through a fog, I felt like I was losing IQ points and memory while I was on it, too. It was like having a permanent case of "the stupids."


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My hubby and I have opposite reactions to daily metoprolol (beta blocker). He was just started on it last month when his heart was resynched in a TEE procedure. I expected him to be totally wiped out, unable to go to work the next day.....but it never fazed him at all!!! Not sure if it is because he is a healthy male with no heart damage that allows his to take this med with zero fatigue. Glad for him. I was put on it after extensive heart damage, so it really hammered me at the same time I was being shoved back into full time work force. whew I still, 14 years later, have a fatigue impact within 20 minutes of each dose, but it is so critical in keeping my heart working in a more stable, less erratic manner that I'm glad to have it.

Also, it can be much more fatiguing during mentrual cycles to be taking beta blockers on top of blood loss and pms symptoms. Women may experience this medication differently from men.

take care and hang in there,

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I did mean to say beta blocker not My brain has been all over the place lately. I actually forgot how to get to rehab this morning. I had to pull over and remember the roads I needed to drive to get there. Scary!

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I am a procrastinator. I get on it and then I get off it...and back on/off. Time to get off of it again as I am falling asleep sitting up and on the computer. I was to take 25mg x 2 a day. I cut that to 25mg at night. Then I cut the 25mg in half and took 12 1/2 in the am and 12 1/2 in the pm and that still can put me in a coma like setting. This also causes upper back pain and a weighty feeling on my chest. I am also on Avalide which I hate too. I am an asthma patient and this can contribute to my daily wheezing. Docs do not want to hear me gripe so i do what I think is best for me. My BP is all over the board. Normally though it is in the 130's over 70. I am going to stick with a diuetic and my Plavix 0-:, 5mg of Crestor, Nitro patch and a teeny amount of Xanax when needed. I need to be in full gear as I care for 3 grandkids, a sick daughter who just came home from surgery and a son who told me to plan a wedding for him the week before Xmas. I know I am not dealing with a full deck but I need at least 75% in the sanity mode for the next 5 months.
My DX: DD, MI, HOCM, 5DES (did not need 4 of these)
Small vessel disease and a heart murmur.

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I started out on 100 mg twice a day, 5.5 yrs ago, and it was cut back to 50mg twice a day after about a yr. I'm still on it, and have no problems. I work full time in Finance, so I still need to fully use my brain. It did take a few weeks to get used to it, but I just chalked that up to "adjusting" to life after an MI and taking a lots of meds. Franky, I'm glad to be alive, and don't spend any time complaining about much of anything. Be sure to share your problems/concerns with your physician...I wouldn't just "adjust" my meds on my own.

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Some of the fatigue can be due to the energy it takes your body to heal. Once you feel you have gotten past that phase, and still experience severe fatigue, you should check with your doctor. I was falling asleep on the toilet! I went to my doctor, and was diagnosed with Mono. After a few months, it cleared up a lot, but I was still more fatigued than I had been before my surgery. She switched me to Bystolic and it really helped. It's a little more expensive, but if it's bad enough, it's well worth it. Sometimes it can be a combination of things, and may take some time to figure everything out. Good communication with a doctor you trust and feel comfortable talking with (not just TO!) is a must.

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Had experience with Metoprolol. I thought I would lose my mind on this medication. After only a few days I called in and was taken off it. Put on Cozaar, Spironolactone and then Coreg and and this mix did not work for me either. I never had high blood pressure so I felt it safe to stop.I now am on Coreg, Spironolactone and Aspirin. I see the Aspirin regimen really helps me.

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Hi Sisters,

I'm on 25 2x day Metorprolol, and I hate it. Fatigue, definately have cases of the Stupids, and weight gain. I do take it anyway, because like some others, my heart is damaged, and anything I can do to make it's job easier untill something better comes worth it to me.

I love this place because there are so many others who understand what I'm going through. Each one of us is an individual, and we are all going to have variations on the theme...some of us may react to a drug or treatment with baby pink symptoms, some of us will have full blown fuscia with bright yellow and plum racing stripes. No one is wrong or right. I think the idea is to identify with who you can, so we know we are not alone, and have compassion for those going through something different...who knows when we ourselves may be walking beside them on that same road.

Peace Dear Ladies...I take you all with me in my heart wherever I go...

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I am still on it, but at Christmas time was taken to hospital with similar problems. I felt out to lunch, blood pressure was way off, low, so we went into the ER. The blood pressure was about normal by that time but my dose was immediately cut in half and since then I've been fine...Good luck and I hope you find a way to feel better soon!

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I take 25 mg morning and night and have not noticed tiredness. I have insomnia so would welcome some tiredness at night.

Must affect everyone differently

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I've taken it about a year now and have no problems. I take 25 mg in the morning. The only thing I noticed is I am "calmer". I have a rotten temper and this medicine seems to calm me down. And in my case, the doctor said "calm" is what he wants. I'm a little more tired, but I notice if I go to work it doesn't bother me too much. It's just sitting here that I could easily fall asleep. I have diastolic dsyfunction and my cardiologist said he needed to slow down my heart to avoid further damage. Doesn't cause weight gain and I have no other problems on it.

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Hi Amy,

"I already have low blood pressure, so it was just slowing things down too much and I was taken off of it. If it helps, my husband who had been on blood pressure meds for years, just came off of them as he was able to lower it through weight loss, exercise, and diet. I know this doesn't work for everyone."

This is just to clarify for newcomers who are still learning about cardiac medications.....Beta blockers are not only prescribed for general high blood pressure. They are also hugely important in stabilizing IRREGULAR HEART RHYTHMs. I'm capitalizing this because it is dangerous for this population to arbitrarily stop beta blockers. This may be the only thing keeping their damaged hearts from getting out of control.

There is a huge difference between high bp that can be lowered back into safety zones by digging down deep and finding ways to drop excess weight, exercise (factors under personal control).....and hearts that are dealing with damage that now interferes with electromagnetic conduction across chamber cells and/or bundle branch heart rhythms that are at risk of going out of synch. I have low bp already, so 14 years on beta blockers has been no picnic.

take care everyone,

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I was on Metoprolol for two years, I was always so worn out and my asthma was beyond being controlled. I stopped taking the Metoprolol when I we lost our insurance and couldn't afford it. I was surprised that I gained some energy back and the asthma was back under control, I even lost all the extra weight! I have my ICD and so far no incidents with it...I finally have health insurance again and the new dr is keeping me off the beta blockers for now.

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Sorry I should have clarified that with the condition I have (a SCAD left without stent), the doctor told me that putting me on Metropolol is "controversial" that is...he said its "protocol", but "not necessarily needed." I do not have irregular heart rhythm and other than my vessel that I had a dissection on my heart and vessels are perfectly normal. Coming off the med was discussed with the cardio and done after careful consideration.

I'm learning lots everyday about the very different conditions we all have here. Even the SCADs are so different. I think that its interesting that the same medications are used to treat so many different problems. I think it would be dangerous to come off a med without doctor supervision and follow up.


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Hi everyone,
I am on Metoprolol 95mg, in a single dose each morning. I do strongly suspect that this drug makes me tired - I no longer trust myself not to fall asleep sitting down to read the newspaper, and now each day I literally read it standing up at the kitchen table! I also suspect that it makes it harder to lose weight, although there's a chance that I just can't admit that I am getting older...........
So in my first year of this journey of the heart I complained constantly to my GP about the tiredness, who in consultation with my cardiologist decided to start weaning me off it at the 'one year' mark. I have always had low blood pressure, both before and after my MI caused by SCAD, and I thought that I didn't really need it and that going off this drug would be a big step in the right direction. However, after less than a week at the halved dose of 47.5mg each day, my heart went into a completely crazy rhythm and wouldn't stabilise and I had a hurried ambulance ride back to the hospital.
The upshot is that I am back on the 95mg daily dose, and I have been told that I will be on it for life. Just like our knowledgeable Jaynie said, my heart has been damaged by the MI and the irregular rhythm made it very clear that I definitely now need the Metoprolol to keep my heart from "marching to the beat of a different drummer". I have changed my whole attitude towards Metoprolol, and instead I am now very grateful for this miracle drug that keeps my heart pumping the way that it is supposed to. Thank heavens that there are drugs like this that can literally keep us alive. Go Metoprolol!!
Take heaps of Care, Sharon x

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Such comfort to read how others are dealing with being on Metoprolo. I too am so tired usually around 5:00 pm.
My brain also gets very foggy, I do home visits for my work and I forgot how to get to a home that I have been going to twice a week for over 6 months. I had to pull over and really think about where I was going. I was so upset which sure did not help my heart. Lynn

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I guess I have so many things going on at the same time and so many meds to take and keep track of that I wasn't really monitoring each one, only their overall effect.

I do have trouble concentrating, remembering words in the middle of a sentence and staying awake. My Metorprolol dosage is 100mg in the morning and another 100mg at dinner time. Do you suppose the Metorprolo is the main reason for those problems ??
Seriously I never gave it a thought. I tire so quickly and easily anyway. Then I also have to stop if I start to strain an abdomonal muscle to. Jeeees, a girl can't win for losing. Darned if you take the meds and darned if you don't. :) :)

I am so glad I don't have a live-in family to care for. My daughter is home for the summer and she is very understanding and helpful. She has been with me throughout this whole new life process and that is just what it is: Processing a new normal and discovering what changes we need to make to remain healthy, sane and optimistic.

Take care --- Gloria ---

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