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Hi everyone. Just reposting the research information for easy access to those new to WomenHeart.

If you've been diagnosed with Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD), please consider contacting Mayo Clinic at the number below to participate in this very important research study.

Here is general information about the SCAD study:

The link to the Mayo SCAD study page is: dissection-studies-at-mayo-clinic/

Contact the study coordinator, Jill, to apply at (507) 266-3180. (Writing your story on the blog does not register you with the study coordinator; please call (507) 266-3180 or fax your contact information to (507) 284-5907.)

An alternate way to access the research information is through this link, which shows both clinical trials: .html

Updates from Mayo are posted here: ry-Dissection/440175972694809

Then, just a reminder, it is time to relax and wait. Research is a long process, particularly in our case where Mayo is essentially doing the study out of the goodness of their hearts, adding all of us on top of their daily workload.

Everything that has to be done to communicate with us, register us, collect records, review them when they arrive ... EVERYTHING is being done on top of what they do in their "real" jobs as Mayo administrators, cardiologists and physicians.

A good rule of thumb is if you've left a message or email, give it two weeks before following up. Once your providers have confirmed your records and imaging were sent to Mayo (and consider time for transit to Minnesota and getting through Mayo's internal mail system), give it another two weeks for Jill to contact you. As for the angiogram review, that is where it could be many weeks or many months. Each angio must be reviewed to confirm the diagnosis of SCAD. Angios are reviewed whenever the doctor isn't busy taking care of his own patients.

After the review of your angio confirms SCAD, you will be sent a packet of study questionnaires to complete and return to Mayo. These questionnaires and the records review provide the data that includes you in the virtual registry.

Even though it seems like you are waiting forever, please expand your thinking to months instead of days and weeks for turnaround. Take comfort in the fact that something is being done!! Mayo Clinic is awesome, and we are very fortunate they've taken up our cause.

Thanks for joining in the research effort!

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Hi there Katherine. Do you happen to know if the process to make an appt to see Dr. Hayes is also a long wait? I want to volunteer for the research but more importantly I'd like to see Dr. Hayes and speak to her about my condition.

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Hi Jessy! The appointment process is totally separate from the research, so I think if you are planning out a few months with your school schedule it should work out. The appointment number is 507-538-6308.

The research is just a phone call to the study coordinator to provide consent to have your records requested.
Saw your other post -- so sorry to hear you had strep on top of it all! miserable!!
Hope you're feeling better.

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Thank you so much Katherine! And yea strep throat is horrible! I probably got it from the hospital because no one I know has it. I will be calling tomorrow to see about making an appt for sometime in December. Thanks again :)

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That's great! Keep us posted.

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Hello! Doing my monthly bump up of the Mayo SCAD clinical trials. Please check out this opportunity for survivors of spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD).

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For becbris, T23, Caroline-1, ABATeach, and other new SCAD survivors...

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Bump! for Gschrei and Tannis ...

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Once I'm feeling better, I will be sure to make that phone call!!
Would love to be part of this study.


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