Low Ejection Factor

I had my first stent installed about 3 months ago. While this procedure was done, the doctor
informed me that my ejection factor was about 24, instead of being over 50, where it should be.
He stated that there was nothing that could be done to increase this ejection factor.

Does anyone know of any treatment, etc. that can increase your ejection factor?

This makes me feel like, one day, my heart will just quit. Not a good feeling.

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Hi Rupert,

I am sorry to hear about your ejection fraction. I was diagnosed in 2005 with dilated cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was at 30%. Within 8 months it went back up to 50%. It is now at 55%. I was put on coreg, lisinopril, and spironolactone for medications. That is what brought my ejection fraction back up. I also watch my sodium, and am on a very healthy diet. I also do not drink alcohol or smoke. I hope this imformation is helpful. Take care!


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I think it would help if you would type in "ejection fraction" in the search box on this website. There, you would find couple discussions about it.

I was given the same answer 1.5 years ago.

If you have a good cardiologist, take proper medications, exersize and don't smoke and drink, get proper nutrition from food you would be o'kay for many years to come....

Here is the link to thediscussion on the same subject that i started :


just paste this into your browser box and read ......

I hope it helps..

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6 years ago my ejection fraction was 25, it was not long after my heart attack and first open heart surgery. I'm sure you are exhausted with that low of an ejection fraction, cause I know I sure was. Now, my ejection fraction is 55% and I'm sure this is because your heart needs time to heal and the meds that I take. If your doc told you he can't do anything about it, you need a new doc.

Good luck and God bless you.


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i was diagnosed with heart problems in 2003 and at that time was told i had ejection fraction of 20-25%. i was put on coreg, digoxin, lasinopril, spironolactone and lasix at that time. i was told that the medications should help with the low ef. in 2004 i had a biventricular crt/icd implanted and have since been told that the pacer can also help with some heart remodeling and an improved ef.

if i were you, i would seriously consider getting a 2nd opinion and i would make sure that it was from a doctor not associated in any way with the one you are currently seeing. low ejection fraction is not something to be ignored.

good luck


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Thank you so much for your comments. What meds are (were) you on which helped your ejection factor? Blessings to you, Rupert

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Thank you so much for your comments, Rupert

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Thank you so much for your comments, God Bless, Rupert

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Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate all the people who have answered my posting. Rupert

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I am on Benicar 25 mg daily, and at that time, I was on Metoprolol 25 mg 2x a day. Now I'm on Coreg 25 mg 2x a day because the Metoprolol was making me too tired. It took a while for the ejection fraction to get better, like a year or so, but it did finally get better. I had a cardiologist at that time that told me it would probably never get better, but he was wrong. I changed and finally found a wonderful doc and he's the one that paid attention to what I said and kept trying with all my symptoms until I started to get better. So please find another doctor. It makes all the difference. I went to 5 cardiologists until I found someone that knew what they were talking about. My 2nd one was excellent too, but he moved to Chicago. If you have a University in your area, see if they have a cardiovascular Institute. I go the University of Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute and I see Dr Steve Reis and I truly trust him with my life.

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Hi there Rupert. It looks like both of us are on the same boat. I too am looking for answers on how to higher my low ejection fraction of 25%. Have your doctors discussed the ICD implant with you?

I was diagnosed in July 2006 with an ejection fraction of 13% and within 3 mos it went to 30% and two weeks after that it was 40% where it stayed until now.

I am under the impression that the meds did the job but don't help improve it anymore since my EF is going down instead of up. however, without the meds I'd probably be dead by now. Daily I am on: 30mg lisinipril, 150mg metropol, 12.5mg spirolactone, 20mg of lasix, fish oil and CoEnyzyme Q10., and 81mg aspirin. I am going for a consult with the electrophysiologist (ICD doctor) on April 1st.

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Thanks for your posting. My ICD implant is only set to deliver a charge if my heart rate gets to 200 beats per minute. So it does not do any ongoing adjustments. I have , just yesterday, obtained an appointment in April with the Medical College of SC, in Charleston, to see if there is any new procedures that my local doctor doesnt know of , etc. In today's medical climate it seems that there should be something that we can do to raise the EF. If I find out something, I will certainly forward it to you. Thanks and hang in there, Rupert

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Dear Alvera,

Since your "good" cardiaologist moved to Chicago do you know where? Could you tell me the name? I do go to one of the top heart hospitals in the Illinois area.

I live in the surburban Chicago area. My current hospital and doctors are Loyola University Medical Ctr, in Maywood, IL. My main doctor is Dr. A. Heroux who is the head of the Heart Transplant team. Since my condition is considered NO CURE and PROFOUND I don't see a regular cardiaologist.

In 2006 when I was suppose to get the ICD or CRT-D my doctor was Dr. Wilbur, Head professor of the electrophysiolgy dept. Now, Dr. Heroux has sent me to Dr. Cytron who not only is an electrophsiologist but performs the surgery as well.

Yes, I know that the CRT-D (cardiac Resynconization Therapy with Defibulator) can help your heart with the ejection fraction, but they are leery on installing one on me because of my previous medical history. They say I do not have all the symptoms that call for a CRT-D. I have No blockage, No leaking valves or NO damage to the Atrial area of m heart. The problem is that the left lad is destroyed from chemo and there is nothing they can do but install JUST an ICD to help keep me a alive a little longer. Sometimes I think why bother.

My only two hopes are the stem cell therapy (which the US does not perform as yet) or a heart transplant.
We are not rich people and I prefer not to go to a distant country to do the stem cell. I've already looked into that 1 1/2 yrs ago.

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