Loved reading this site.

Introducing myself as a newbie :). My story. I think I hold a record from reading here on stents. I have a total of 25. My first HA was at 35. Im now almost 48.
I have had all the crap from ER's thinking Im crazy but I have a good Cardio Dr. My last happening was in Sept and I was being awakened in the middle of the night with severe chest pains. Nitro took care of it but I complained to my Dr. He did HC and I had a blood clot flapping in the last stent I had 8 months before. He even said he was surprised I didnt have a HA.
I usually pass all EKG's, Echo's, and Stress tests. Matter of fact those tests say my heart is getting stronger. From 10% to 60%. Only an HC shows whats wrong.
ER's are terrible, I can tell when they dont speak to my Dr and they spoke to someone that was on call. THey pass it off as a panic attack and send my home. So I just bypass the ER and go directly to my Dr. I remember one time I laid there in the ER for 10 hours while they discussed admitting me or not because my blood tests and EKG were normal.....I had a clogged stent.
This last time I felt fantastic after he fixed the blood clot. I started EECP, which I do every 2 years for just maintenance. But now Im having problems again and I think it is the Effient doing it. He switched me from Plavix. So now Im back to Plavix and have to wait until the Effient gets out of my system and see how I feel.
They think that most of mine is genetic but also because I had CML a type of leukemia for years and it wasnt detected until I was 45. This type of leukemia can hide in your system/organs and it will just show a elevated white blood cell count until it turns to an acute leukemia. You wanna talk about an expensive drug? Try $9,000. Yes I said $9,000 for a months supply to keep my leukemia under control.
I feel for everyone in here. I know the scary feelings, the uncontrollable CP, ER's thinking you're crazy and the big feeling of sometimes just wanting to give up. Im sitting here right now with palpatations.
Its funny during EECP I can actually shut down the machine with my weird heart. My tech just shakes his head and I shrug.
So I wanted to say to all, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

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Hi WhiteCandle,
Welcome, I am a good listener when you walk to talk. I just have a bad heart but I understand.

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I did EECP last year. I remember when I would take a deep breath the machine would kind of shudder, stop, then restart. I wasn't sure if it was that my heart beat was irregular or if there was artifact in the signal that confused the machine. It was weird.

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Just a bad heart? Oh hun, its enough to have a bad heart!! I worry more about my heart than I do my leukemia. Thanks for the welcome :).

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Your heart does all kinds of weird things we dont realize. EECP will really make you see what your heart really does. I just got back from therapy and every 6th beat was a PVC. A lot of times during therapy if you throw too many PVC's or pause it can shut the machine down. After every PVC or long pause your heart has to reset itself and it can confuse the machine. I like to joke around with my tech. We've become friends over the years. Usually I say to him that Im still alive after Ive kicked the machine off lol. Ive actually learned more about my heart through him than I have my Dr. He explains every twinge. He had a HA while at work and wound up with a bypass and a pacemaker. So he understands what we go through.

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