Left upper back pain - symptom of heart problems?

Hi! I've been having pain in the left shoulder blade off and on for over a year. Recently it has become more frequent. I do not get the pain with activity, lifting. It comes when I am sitting or resting. I asked my heart doctor, my PCP, and the rheumatologists - they all say it is not heart related. The episodes are also lasting longer and I sometimes get mild pain in the chest at the same time. I do have mild angin. I don't take nitro - I'm on metoprolol, cardizem, low dose simvistatin and coumadin. I'm diagnosed with neuro cardio syncope (original diagnosis); afib; left bundle branch block and vetricullar tach. Almost forgot they added mitral regurg. last year. Some of the problems are probably from the sarcoidosis. I have a history of a silent heart attack. I was wondering what symptoms others may have experienced. I don't want to over-react, but don't want to ignore it either. I see my card again in June. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. It sure would be helpful. Thanks! Sending hugs your're way. Great-Gram

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Hi, I have right shoulder blade pain so I have not associated it directly with my heart, however when I am having the pain, which comes and goes and is not related to any activities affecting my shoulders, there is some reason for that inflammation to be flaring. If your body is dealing with extra stress/ inflammation anywhere, you could be more susceptible to heart issues at that time if you are a cardio patient ( I had a dissection HA, followed by a spasm HA, over two yrs ago). I just rest more at those "inflammatory" times.

As an aside (or not?) I have read about sarcoid because I have a lymph node mid-chest (mediastinal) that swells and shrinks recurrently. When it was 1st noticed in mammogram I was sent for ultrasound and then biopsy-but did not have the biopsy as the node had shrunk back to normal. The only link to mediastinal lymph node swelling I could find was sarcoid. I also wondered if my 4 stents (2 medicated) could have caused a reaction to induce the swelling but have found nothing on that.
I notice I have more interest in trying to link various symptoms than do medical providers who do not seem to put much thought into trying to work in an integrated way. However because I feel OK most of the time and do not have anyserious limitations I also have a sense of why go looking for trouble- so have not followed up on autoimmune studies as had been suggested after my HA's.

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I have had eight cardiac stents over the last six years. EVERY time, my first symptom was pain behind my left should blade and toward the middle of my upper back. Sometimes my front chest hurt but mostly it did not. PLEASE pursue this and make them check you out further!

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Hi! Thanks for the info. The last few days I haven't had much trouble. I do have quite a bit of stress and do push myself at times. I called to see when my next appointment is - it's not until July. When I see the coumadin nurse I will let her know what symptoms I'm having, and she will pass it on to the doctor. I've never really noticed it when I'm moving around; it occurs more when I am at rest. Sometimes I wonder about primetzal (however you spell it) angina. I thank God for every day He gives me. My cath last year did not show blockage. The doc will probably do a stress test this summer - had an echo several months ago, and things appear stable. The mitral valve will need to be replaced sooner or later. Thanks and God bless! Great-Gram (Have another one that will arrive in September)

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Hi Nancy Grace - Thanks for the reply! My body has acted up in one way or another almost all my life. I had a cardiac cath last year - no blockage, maybe I should say slight - nothing that the doctor was concerned about. Did cause me some problems with the afib at the time. My symptoms come when I'm relaxed. The sarcoid seems to be under control or in remission. I do get enlarged nodes, some of the nodes are just there all the time. I have a history of breast cancer, and several biopsies since then have all been negative. Thank God. The oncologist acutally pronounced me cured. It's been over 22 years now! The pain seems to have lessened recently, so I'll just have to wait and see and let the doctor know if it gets worse. Except for the mitral regurgitation, most of the heart problems I have are in the electrical circuit of my heart. They believe that is from the sarcoid, but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse - as long as it is stable, I'll just keep on taking the meds. God bless! Great-Gram

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Just thought I'd mention one thing -- have you had a CT or MRI of your neck? I had excruciating pain in my left shoulder/upper left back area, and the only relief I had was walking (who knows why that is, but it's what worked!!). I finally got an MRI of my neck and it was discovered that I have a disc herniation in my neck that when inflamed causes a "pinched nerve" and severe pain in my left shoulder and sometimes down my arm. Fortunately for me it only happens rarely, but I just thought I'd mention it, because it could be something like that causing your problem, maybe?

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There is a condition called coat hanger syndrome and also compartment syndrome. It gave me pain in both shoulder blades, primarily left. I was given a shot of cortisone in my back (that hurt like the devil); but gave me relief from pain for over a year. It certainly could be muscoloskeletal.

Good Luck,

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Hi D! Thanks for the reply. I do have some cervical disc problems from many years ago. Occasionally I do get the excruciating pain on rt side due to the pinched nerve, mostly when I'm using the phone and tilting my head to the side. When I straighten up it goes away, as long as I don't go back into the same position. The pain I get is more nagging or aching, and for the most part is short-lived. Sometimes it keeps repeating itself. That's when I get concerned. I do have some angina symptoms and do get pain in the rt shoulder blade as well, but it is different, not as frequent and doesn't come and go like the lt side. The breast ca with the radiation treatment some 22 years ago was on the left side. We'll see what happens after my husband and I push ourselves today. We have family traveling down for the day tomorrow in order to take a tree down. It's a fairly big tree, but is dead. Our daughter-in-luv's parents are coming with them. They'll be travelling at least 2 1/2 hours each way. Her parents have never been here before. It'll be nice to have them. Trying to get things done so we can sell and move out of this big ole house. Thanks again and God bless! Great-Gram

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Hi Sue! Thanks for the response. My rheumatologist gave me cortisone shots in both shoulder blades. Fortunately she numbed me with a spray first, so it was not painful. It was so much better than other shots I've had. The only problem is it didn't help, It doesn't mean it isn't muscoloskeletal, just not as likely. Played my accordion the other week, and it did not aggravate anything, so I don't know. We'll see what the push on activities will do today - both my husband and myself. I was too tired after work yesterday to do much. So I have it all to do today. So here I am, sitting, responding to some great people. God bless. Take care! Great-Gram

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