Left Bundle Branch Block and a heart murmer and bradycardia

I was recently taken to hospital because of a faint and then a general feeling of light headedness, nausea and muscle weakness particularly in the legs. My pulse rate was 44 pm and my blood pressure was a little high but nothing to worry about. I also had a slightly raised temperature. I have left bundle branch block with no syptoms so far and a slight heart murmer which appears to be a lot easier to hear than 4 years ago. I have been referred to a cardiologist but wonder if anyone ealse has had LBBB with no symptoms then has developed into something similar. This episode was a week ago and although I felt great yesterday and the pulse rate had come up to 61, I feel dizzy again today and it is back to 44. I run 3 times a week but nothing too strenuous so I am no athlete. What do I do while I am waiting to see the cardiologist? Is it dangerous? If I feel well can I go for a run? My GP does not seem to know anything about this. I hope someone can help me.

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I don't have a diagnosis to explain my bradycardia. I do have a heart rate as low as yours, but never have fainted. Do you know what your average resting heart rate is prior to this?

I hope you don't need a pacemaker, but if you are fainting, it's likely that you may need one.

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My resting heart rate before this was in the 70s. I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday and as both my Mother and my daughter both have pacemeakers I think I may be headed the same way. They call it pacemaker envy

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Hi! I had very similar symptoms (inc LBBB) nearly 7 years ago. Fainted a couple of times (once while walking my dogs in the park!). Long story short....went to doc who didn't seem to understand my symptoms very well. I told her I had feelings of dizziness and then something like a surge. About 2 months later, I awoke in the middle of the night with no discernible pulse. Hubby called 911, they came and started shocking me in our living room. Thank goodness an ER was less than 2 blocks away. Next a.m., I was told that I had suffered "complete heart block" (google this for detailed info). I spent one week in ICU and had an emergency ICD implant. I truly believe that had I been fitted with a Holter monitor initially, it would have picked up what was happening to me. But all's well in the end -- I'm on my 2nd ICD generator and life is good! Take care and don't let this situation go on too long. Hugs, laurali

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Oh wow, this is a genetic thing in your family? I don't know enough to understand what is happening. I just know that my resting heart rate was always between 65-70 and now I'm lucky to check and find it is in the 60's.

I hope you feel better soon even if it means getting a pacemaker.

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Thanks folks. I am seeing the same consultant as my Daughter who I trust so we will see what he recommends. I expect some sort of heart monitor. We shall see what develops. x

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I'm not sure but I'm feeling the same since the addition of a new drug for osteoporosis (faintness, dizziness, lowish pulse). I have LBBB and a murmur, have just had 2 stents for blocked arteries, and was doing very well until this happened. I've also been Type 1 for 40 years and I'm on tons of other meds inc for my heart.
Should I take this fainting seriously?-perhaps pulse is running low because i have the wrong combination of meds?
Anyway, I've ordered a pulse monitor so will let you know if it is persistent bradycardia.

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Any dizzimess and low pulse rate needs to be taken seriously. I am type 2 but my problems are unrelated. Make sure your blood pressure is okay as BP which is too high or too low can cause these problems. Good luck x

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Do an internet search on Bundle Branch Block. The LBBB is usually a sign of underlying heart disease. I did not know that until AFTER my quadruple bypass surgery. Apparently, the LBBB was showing up on all tests, but nobody had ever mentioned it to me. If they had and if I had done some research, I might have been better able to recognize my symptoms as heart-related. The cause for the LBBB needs to investigated.

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Thanks Liz and KGP. I will investigate further.

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