lack of blood flow to the front of the heart,could it be from valve disease

Hi,I will see my cardiologist Thursday after the nurse called last week and told me there looked like some areas of the front of my heart that wasn't getting good blood flow from a recent nuclear stress test.Have any of you ladies experienced a result like this?Can faulty heart valves show this or is it more than likely blocked arteries?I am not large breated so I doubt it is breast tissue.(I posted something similar on another forum,but thought if I'd make this a main topic more would see it,sorry if I annoyed anyone with ALL my questions.)It has been a long wait to see the Dr. and my mind is running away with me.I seriously believe it is heart valves causing mu symptoms but there may be a blockage as well.Any input would be appreciated.I apologize ahead of time if I've posted too many questions.

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Hi, I had something similar three years ago..never have found out what is is.

They want me to have another stress test, been bugging me to do again for

a longtime. Anyway it was somthing to do with my lower apex of my heart,
whatever that is. Ischemia I believe. Ejection fraction was good.

I have to have another stress test tuesday and I am freaked!, first no coffee
caffine withdrawal headache, and no beta blockers..racy heart on top of it all.

Please keep us posted after you see your doctor. Hope it is just something they
will just keep a watch on if your not having any symptoms.

Take care.

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hi,first of all do not be scared of the stress test.that was me a few weeks ago.i was terrified of it.the nurse reassured me that they have seen it all and were able to handle any situation that arises.that made me feel better.i did fine,just slightly out of breath.i get short of breath with activity anyhow.the test was not bad at was actually pretty easy.i would be willing to do it again.the dye they injected,i did not notice a i am worried why it showed the front portion of my heart was not getting good blood flow.i have symptoms of valve disease,(heart papitations,skipping beats,shortness of breath,fatigue and anxiety)i do not know if that would cause lack of blood flow.the echo should be back when i see the dr.i am scared of needing surgery or something.i freak out a lot,especially when the nurse was not very helpful in answering questions when she called and said i may need a heart'll be fine with your test.let us know how it was.i know you'll find it was very easy and was no big deal as i did.remember,you are with a group of professionals who do this stuff everyday.
best wishes,

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Thank you Duana, I really appreciate your sharing you're experience with your stress test.
Let us know how you're doing with your results..very intresting. Good Luck, hope you'll be fine!

Take care..

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