Is Bystolic better then Metoprolol?

So I am on Metoprolol at the moment...but my doctor is switching me to Bystolic because it is supposed to work better. I have some nasty side effects such as insomnia, hallucinations, and fatigue. And according to her Bystolic has less of those effects. Has anyone found that bystolic works better?

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Works weird SE..BP down. However with my insurance plan the co-pay was $50/month...which with my many other meds was a hardship. So I had to switch back to Coreg.

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Yes, for me Bystolic is much better. I struggled so much with fatigue with Toprol (I had been on it for 3 1/3 years) so a year ago I was switched to Bystolic. It works well for me and blood pressure/ heart rate remain good.

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Thanks to both of you!
I am more optimistic now!

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