I wake up with freezing every night

For 4 weeks I had a stentimplantation. My bypass was 90 % blocked. ( bypass of circumflex arterie). A freezing woke me several times at night and I had to take sometimes a nitro by going uphill. But not much has changed after the stent. I am still waking up every night of freezing. Several times up the early morning hours. For me it is beginning angina pectoris. I am not sure, if the bypass ist still open. The family doctor will test electrolytes tomorrow. Before the stentimplantation the doctor could not see any abnormal tracings in my EKG. So the only possiblity to really know were a new catheter examination. I am afraid to have done it, because the bypass is so old (26 years.) The symptom is only freezing. No pain. HAS ANybody the same symptom?

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yes, and I'm glad to know that somebody else has this symptom. I notice it especially when tired. It's not my thyroid level since I am on synthroid and get that checked regularly. I have actually enjoyed a nice day in the 80's in southern Louisiana, wearing a sweater, robe, jacket, and hat. Very attractive!!
I imagine the coldness is due to shunting of blood away from the skin to major organs. The doctors think I'm just plain old nuts.

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I am freezing most nights, but if I put a heater on, I burn up and my nose dries out. I can't stand the cold, but can't stand a lot of heat either.

My daughter on the other hand, freezes in the summer and is hot in the winter. Go figure.

I don't think any of this is related to bypass or stents. You say your bypasses are 26 years old? Oh I love hearing that.

Body temps drop toward morning and it will cause you to be cold if you don't have adequate blankets. My son suggested I put a blanket over my sheet on the bed and sleep on that. I swear it works! I wake up very warm. He learned this in the military and it works for him as well in cold cold Afghanistan.

My former doctor told me that if I'm cold from my Reynauds I should wear gloves in the summer.

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When I was on a beta blocker my fingers and toes would be so cold I had to put them in hot water to warm them up. I constantly froze. Off the beta blocker this didn't happen. A beta blocker blocks the conversion of T4 to active T3. You may be one of the ones that experience this to a higher degree than others.......... just like I am.

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I have experienced the same symptoms about five or six times. I would wake up in the middle of the night freezing and would retrive blankets to put over me---hoping it would warm me. The next morning I felt like nothing happen---back to normal.

This occured in the spring and summer. To this day I don't know the cause of the 'freezing spells'.

Did you doctor change any of your medication? And if so, maybe, its your high blood pressure medicine. It could be too strong. Moreover, discuss the 'freezing spells' with you doctor. Hopefully he/she will have an answer.

And when you find the answer---please share.

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I took half a pill less betablocker and it was the first night after the stent that I did not wake up from freezing.
Thank you all for your answer.

I intent to be healthy on christmas.

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I am glad that we found the answer so quickly!!!!


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The second night without freezing. I am so glad you told me to do this. I am always experiencing with my pills but I did not think it could be my betablockers after so many years. Now I take only 5 mg in the morning and 2,5 mg in the evening of betablocker. I had also today a walking tour of 1 1/2 hours without any problems up hills. Before the stent I had to take a 5 mg nitro by the first hill. Now I can only hope, the stent will be open for a longer time. Last time it was only 11 months open.

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I am happy for you as well. ( smile)


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