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I am new on here. I have not been diagnosed with heart disease, but am having a lot of trouble with blood pressure. Recently my doctor suggested I see a cardiologist. This past Friday the cardiologist did an echo stress test with bubble study, but I have not been told results yet. I told the cardiologist that I have been having trouble with my BP. Somtimes it is too high and sometimes it is too low. What caused me to start checking it was the fainting spells and severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I have ended up in the ER twice. The first time I went they said it was too high the second time it was too low. Do any of you have both hyper and hypotension? The cardiologist wants me to take BP medicine , but I never know when its going to be high or low so I am scared to take it.

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I have hypertension that has caused coronary artery disease, atheriosclerosis, and unstable angina. These also cause shortness of breath and chest pains, etc. My record high that I know of was 214/163. My cardiologist has told me several times I should keep my blood pressure at about 105/75 and that 100/75 would not be too low. She says that cardiologists now believe this way. What numbers do you have when your blood pressure is low and high?
I can certainly understand why you are afraid of taking your medication. My nurse practioner is wonderful and sent me to a cardiologist (also a woman). They are both great listeners. Hope you find a dr who listens to your concerns and can explain and get you on the right meds. It is sometimes hard to get drs to listen. Wish I could tell you more.
Good luck to you.

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Thankyou for your help. Maybe I should find a woman cardiologist. Women doctors seem to listen better.

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