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Good morning all. I wanted to run something past you all. I woke up this morning felt great. About a hour ago I started to get this heaviness in my chest. It's more over my heart. It feels as if something is just pressing over the air making when I breathe in hurt a little more. I always think worse case scenario and am afraid its my heart. I do have a cold more of a cough but I never felt something like this in my chest. I cough usually my ribs or my back hurts. What concerns me I have been under a great deal of stress. No its not a panic attack I dealt with them enough to know. When I hear about heart attack I hear about a heaviness in the chest...is it more in center of chest. Because if this doesnt go away I am going to e/r

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If it is enough to worry you go to the ER Don't wait to see if it goes away That is why so many women die from MI they wait to see if it goes away instead of getting the help ASAP!! Good Luck

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If you have to stop and wonder 'should I go to the ER?', that is a sign to GET GOING. It very well might be nothing serious, but you can't tell that by sitting at home.

Having said that, your previous posts included several other non-cardiac options (chostochondritis for example) plus your own history of anxiety/panic attacks, and now a chest cold, and increased stress, and if you are still smoking, all of these factors certainly can cause distressing symptoms.

All options must be considered!

But as ecksunbeam advised you previously, doctors will not tend to take your symptoms seriously if you are still smoking, so that has to be the first and only priority from now on.



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You need to go to the ER. That is what my heart attack felt like at age 40!!!

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i have been having chest pains on left side under breast could this be heart related?

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I'm sorry I didnt update I been off computer for a bit with nasty cold. Yes I did goto e/r. The heaviness I was having was just from all the congestion from the cold I have. I just get really scared any time I get any sort of chest pain. My mom died at 46 (not cardiac related) and as I approach my 40's i'm just getting more scared because alot of my family members tend to die young.

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Hi reyrey,

Did they at least X-ray your chest for fluid in the lungs? When you feel up to it, can you share how they diagnosed you as only heavily congested from a cold rather than heart or lung issues? And to be a total pest, have you gotten a pneumonia vaccine yet? : ) They offer so much protection to heart patients.

hang in there....colds are just miserable!!!!


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Yep they did a chest xray and it wasnt anything out of the norm. Just good ole flu i need to ride out.

I also wanted to note I did have an appt with neurology yesterday for all that pain, numbness, tingling on my left side. I have to go in for a MRI. Then the neuro doc is doing 2 emg tests in May. They took alot of blood yesterday 10 viles. Hopefully I will get my answer of whats been causing this after one year now.

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Yes it could, have it checked asap please.

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Went to the urgent care for CP AGAIN weekend in 2/10. Doc said everything ( labs,x-ray,EKG) was normal..but he would send me by ambulance to the ER if I wanted to go. Ok..he's the doc. I chose to go home..since insurance did'nt pay my 9/09 ER admission and subsequent hospital stay with a clean cath.
Funny they called me the following Monday..telling me they "misread" my chest x-ray...and that I had pneumonia..and called in an antibiotic. So it was'nt "in my head"....and I wondered why I hurt,felt weak , and febrile/nauseous. Pneumonia..makes sense. And my cardio two days before my urgent care visit did'nt hear anything on exam and prescribed Celexa.
Crazy !!

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