Heart Attack At 87

My father had a heart attack July 28th. His heart rate was 150 that whole day in the hospital. He has a pacemaker- it could not keep up . The next few days he was out of it, could not wake himself up. The Dr. said it was like he was running a race the whole day and he was exhausted, Not to worry. The Dr. wanted to do a Heart Cath to see what was going on, when his kidneys allowed. So on Thursday, August 1 st at 10:00 they did the procedure. At 10:30 The Dr. came in to see my mother and sister and insisted they did everything they could - as soon as the dye was injected he" coded" . I was on my way to Florida from Delaware and never got to see him. I can't tell you how devastated I was not to have made it in time.

I have a hard time understanding why they felt the need for the Heart Cath.
My dad was 87, his heart was only functioning at 20 percent, A Cath might be a simple procedure if your in good health. sometimes you wonder what Dr's are thinking.

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Thank you for your kind words.

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So sorry for the loss of your father. You are just beginning the grieving process and what you are going through is a normal part of grief. You will need to work through your own feelings of guilt for not arriving in time for his death. You will get through this. It will take some time. Try to put your focus on the wonderful things that your dad did, accomplished, the great person he was, the wonderful father, husband, grand father, great grandfather, etc. Focusing on the positives will help you to rid your mind of the negatives.

87 is a wonderful age to die. Most people do not even live to see that age. You will never get the answers to your questions. I think that you will find some peace within if you begin to believe that it was just your dads time to go, no matter the circumstances. With an 87 year old ticker functioning only at 20%, either way, his prognosis was very dire.

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Everything you said makes so much sense-You just think your parents will be around forever. I really appreciate your much needed words of wisdom.


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