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This past Saturday my husband rushed me to the hospital. He thought I was having a heart attack. I had a feeling lke my chest was being squeezed right under my left breast. It was very painful and took my breath away, I nearly fainted. At the hospital they did all of the tests, blood, ekg, x-ray, cat scan. The tests showed up normal. The doctor said I still could have had a heart attack, that the tests don't show it up right away sometimes. Is this true? Should I follow up on this matter? Thanks. karenjd

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Hi Karen,

welcome to the site. With what you have described and what the doctor in the er told you, you should definitely follow up with a good cardiologist in your area. Good Luck, and again welcome. Shamrock

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I, too, was rushed to the hospital by my husband nearly two years ago while experiencing the exact same symptoms you were. All the test came back normal but they kept me for observation overnight . The next morning my blood test came back positive for troponins which indicates heart damage. Anyway a heart cath was done immediately showing a small occlusion in a smaller artery in my heart too small to stent. Since then , after three months of hellish chest pain, and no doctor believing me and contributing it to anxiety, I have been diagnosed with coronary artery spasms. This was finally done after firing 2 cardiologists and my primary care doctor. So keep pushing for answers to your chest pain. Just because all the test are normal doesn't mean you don't have a problem. Make them listen to you and if they don't , go to another doc. So very glad that I didn't give up like a lot of women do and live to regret it. Welcome to this site. It is a wealth of information that you will find invaluable in solving the mystery of women's heart disease. Hoping you find your answers soon. Hope I didn't scare you but sometimes we women don't want to bother our families because we are the caretakers in the family. We can't get sick. It has taken me a long time to wrap my brain around this chronic condition and it still is an ongoing process.

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Thanks to all that have answered my question.:)

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We must be our own health advocate I heard Barbra Streisand and a female cardiologist the other day on a tv show. The doctor said women are very often dismissed when we complain or present cardiac symptoms in the ER. Barbra recently donated millions of dollars for cardiac research for women at Cedar Sinai Hsopital. The cardiologist advised women don't have the same symptoms as men when we have cardiac events so no matter what your symptoms are when you go to the emergency say you are having classic male heart attack symptoms and you will receive immediate attention and workup for a heart attack. It is sad that in 2012 we have to still fight the styma of "psychosomatic illness" when our symptoms aren't taken seriously. Welcome to Inspire we care and share. My prayers are with you and your family. With more women dying of heart disease than breast and other cancers perhaps we will have more focus the unique way our bodies respond to heart disease.

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