Has anyone ever gotton woke up from a deep sleep from chest pain

Hi ya all,
for the last couple of nites i have been waking up with not a real bad chest pain but a heaviness like someone is opening up my chest and looking in so to speak. I am in a deep sleep when this comes on and then i sit up on the edge of the bed and afterwards I go to the bathroom and then it takes me about 2 to 3 hours to go back to sleep. I was wondering if any of you have had this? sometimes i wonder if it is some of my meds but then i really don't know. thanks a head of time for your input

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When my coronary artery spasms were uncontrolled, this happened to me alot. The best way to describe what I felt was like something trying to push outward. Instead of a heaviness from the outside, mine seem
to come from within. I would be in a dead sleep and get this enormous pressure that would jolt me awake. My heart would be racing and I would be too keyed up to go back to sleep for a while. Just sharing my experience. Best of luck to you -


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Hi Terry,

For the first year, my heart would start partying all on its own in the wee hours.....bucking and slamming around, beating so loudly and hard that I couldn't hear because my ears were ringing like crazy. Pretty scary stuff I know. I had to wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours and of course, nothing showed up during that time. Turned out to be arrhythmias.

I tried to remember my heart was fighting to repair itself and keep the rest of me going so I did my best to stay calm....would watch tv reruns of C-SPAN House and Senate shennagins....which were just bizarre enough to keep my horrified attention until I dropped off to sleep...after laughing a lot first.

My childhood piano teacher just sent me the sweetest card with a prayer that might help you stay a little calmer during those nighttime heart hijinks.

"On my own
I cannot walk through the days
I need You to hold me up and keep me from fainting.
Breathe Your hope into my spirit that I might believe my heavy heart will again run and even rise up and fly on eagle wings.
Let the light of Your healing love shine into the deep hurt and dark places in my heart. Amen."

It will get easier soon Terry. You take good care,

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I have had these awakenings nightly since my MI in January. The pain/pressure wakes me from a deep sleep - even with the sleeping pills (lunesta) my PCP prescribed.

Before the sleeping pills it would take me hours to fall back to sleep, if at all. The pain would stop when I got up or if I stayed still and waited it out (usually takes about 5 minutes). Since the sleeping pills I do fall back to sleep pretty fast.

I started having nitro on the bedstand about a month or so ago. AND I have been taking it. I am waking 2-3 times a night with this pain, it also radiates into my arms. The nitro does stop it immediately. I am noticing if I take it the 2nd time I wake I usually don't have a 3rd occurence. I haven't tried taking it the first time I wake. I hope that makes sense.

Keep us posted,

PS - 5 months later I am still waiting for a diagnosis of what is causing this - angina? perhaps. Cardio doc is still testing, but we haven't caught the spasms while they are happening.

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I have had these spams since march and then when they fixed my stents that were blocked the pain went away during the day and now comes at nite isn't that werid.? I have had my meds switched and that did help for awhile but now the pressure is heavy at nite and I will be telling the doc this when i see her in july. Thanks all for the replies they all have helped. take care

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I woke up from a chest pain only when I had my MI (due to a spontaneous coronary artery dissection).

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I have had this problem off and on since my MI, stent. This has been years. I saw my cardiologist last week and told him that it actually wakes me up and if I stay quiet it usually goes away in about 5 minutes. I have had to use nitro a few times to make it go away. He said it "sounds like it could be micro vessel problems or as he told me before cardiac syndrome x". He said use the nitro if needed, if it doesn't go away go to the ER. I really was looking for a better answer, but that is all he said. I know he said I had Angina before, so is this part of it? I really didn't get enough time to ask all my questions. He was running late and had an appointment after he finished his hours. He was actually running out as I scheduled my next appt. I didn't feel like this was a great appointment for me. If you ladies hear anything else about this problem please let us know. kareno

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I don't know if I can add much, but I woke up with chest pressure. It felt like someone pushing down on my chest and jaw pain. I took nitro right away, and put on the nitro patch. I had been in the gym earlier. I had trouble off and on throughout the day using nitro. I have had open heart surgery, and my grafts are filling up. Last year they had filled up 50%, so I do not know what the % is now. This does not happen all the time. I would welcome comments.

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