Has anyone else had Edema or swelling that went away after stenting?

I had a heart attack on Feb, 14th 2011 ( Yeah I know irony heart day :) ) anyway for probably about 5 years before my right ankle would swell especially when I sat too long or on long car trips, I also had constant facial edema.. I had been to the Doc several times for it with a DX Of fluid retention don't use salt ( I hate salt never salt food!! ) After the stent and being put on meds have never had Edema since everyone comments how good I look.
I was wondering if anyone else noticed a change in fluid retention after stent? I have not been diagnosed with CHF and I would think after 7 years of Edema it would of progressed further. My EF was 55 to 60 on my last nuclear scan.

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Have you changed your eating habits at all since your heart event? There's so much hidden sodium in foods that you ay be ingesting significantly less sodium. Also, I don't know the mechanics but I would assume your heart getting more blood flow to it would help its functioning. I assume your EF was never checked prior to the heart attack?

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Weirdly, I had a similar situation, also with no answers from Dr.'s. I had swelling in my left ankle when i would sit too long or stand to long. Not facial or anywhere else. When I first mentioned it to my Primary, he said, "Oh, that's interesting". That was it! Mine also went away after my HA and stenting. When I asked my Cardio last time I was in, he said, " Oh, must be your meds." Well, I am not on any diuretics or anything like that, so who knows. The drugs I am on he should have known don't impact fluid retention. He really just kind of blew me off. I would really like to know what mechanism is at work here though!

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There may be many reasons what causes pitting edema? The doctor changed my meds and pitting edema went away for about a year now. Best wishes to you.

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love that your'e holding a kitty in your arms and by your face. my fav thing in life, cats and holding them close.

I have swelling, one doc said kidney............ one said lymph glands ........which legs aren't lymph.

both legs.....

I take AC carbimide occassionally its a diuretic..... helps with allergies when sinus fill up too.

sure wish the swelling would go down....

women say don't give up hope

hope all have a good summer

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