Hi everyone. I find this site great for information.

Can anyone please tell me if they get the following symptoms with the GTN nitro spray for under the tongue. I get dizzy, feel i am going to faint, heart starts to beat fast and i get flushed also head ache. Doctor said it may make me faint if so do not use.
Having CT scan on monday to check heart. Having to pay private as doctor will not send me for one. I should be able to have it free on NHS in Britain but doctor refuses. I have been telling him i have Small vessel disease but he thinks not, blames everything on stress. I feel doctors use this word to freely. This has been going on since march. I get breathless pain in chest neck throat. Sleep disturbance waking up choking annormal for women but do not think it is heart. heart racing, after going slow and oxygen going low. I have finger oximiter i bought for proof. Went to hospital they say funny ECGs which is normal for women but i have symptoms. They kept me overnight but said heart rate stayed at 55. I know this is not true as patient in next bed said it dropped when i was asleep to 42. I forgot to tell them GTN helped. They sent me home breathless, i am frightened when i cannot breath and chest pain heart goes slow down to 42 sometimes 38 that heart is being deprived of oxygen and will cause heart attack. I have read that this also shortens life. I know stress is not helping, but try to get doctors to listen and when they dont you get stressed also when you cannot breath.

Has anyone had this problem. Had Echo said it was normal.

Please help.

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Calm down Maysy, it takes time, in my case nearly two years to get diagnosed? Apparently the only tests left for me are more for inquisitive doctors rather than for me although apparently a Myocardial Magnetic Resonance Scan may help show something new but nothing that would help my treatment.

My ECG's usually show no major abnormalities, well err.....except for 1st degree AV block, saw tooth on none V leads (spasms) and sometimes complete haywire across V leads? which as been put down to: poor connections, machine malfunctions, stickers in wrong position, someone using a pre 1999 telephone near by and Wifi interference, or in the words of one cardiologist...just spurious!

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does anyone have these symptoms with GTN spray.Thanks notwell for your reply.

Do you use gtn,and do you have chest pain neck and throat and stomach. I also have breathlessness and slow heart beat when i AS IT CAUSES REFLUX AND SLEEP APNOEA CAUSED BY MY ibs AMD STRESS NOT KNOWING WHATget chest pain it drops to 40 AND LOWERlower ND I WAKE UP GASPING

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Do you have sleep apnea or hypopnea? Sounds like you do. Does it help you at night?
Do your symptoms come up at night or during the day?
Are you being treated for your reflux? PPIs, elevated head of bed? Wedge pillow? Not eating for a number of hours prior to sleep?

You have IBS? Is that right?
Do you have or think you also have an anxiety issue?

I'm asking this because people can have anxiety alone, or WITH other conditions.
Sometimes, anxiety can imitate other conditions or cause other conditions, so an honest consideration is needed.

Best, Mary

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Hi thanks for your reply Mary LG. I do have sleep apnoea and reflux and IBS. I was told i had MVD 7 years ago. Then i was told nothing wrong by a cardiologist in june. Even though GTN helped he said women get funny ecgs. I told doctor i get breathless and chest pain he said stress and anxiety. So i do not use gtn for spasms in chest throat and stomach. Which wakes me up choking The sleep study shows i stop breathing four times a night so will not treat it has to be five times or more to treat. I am worried what stoppingbreathing and spasms and breathlessness and heart slowing is doing to my heart. I am frightened to go to sleep. I do not take PPIS for reflux as they gives me bad side effects and make it worse. Medication for constipation makes it worse. I take gaviscon for reflux. My throat is always swollen and i choke on food doctor says anxiety is making it worse. I f idont eat stomach burns. But it is hard to eat as i am bloated and inpacted.I feel this is effecting my So i am stuck at home if i try to do anything i end up breathless.If i sit around it is the same. I have tried going out it make me worse and different smells make my breathing laboured. Doctor said it is not ashma as my count on spiromiter is 410 one doctor said it should be 500. I am just afraid what it is all doing to my heart the lack of oxygen. I do not use gtn as if it is just stress i will become reliable on it inearly faint when i use it. As my heart drops in the 40s and higher 30s when asleep and oxygen can drop to 88 percent i am a wreck. I do not eat much and have lost loads of weight. I feel this is effecting heart. I hope heart can heal. GTN makes me nearly faint so am afraid to use it. I have had barium swallow.but no endoscopy i could not have it as my throat was swollen on the day of appointment. Doctor will not rebook, i am not afraid as i have had 3 before. Just throat so swollen i nearly choke so could not have it. Tongue spasms when asleep i stop breathing for one minute at a time as i bought oximiter as proof as recommended by doctor in A and E but they take no notice. I am scared i wake up gasping if i fall asleep in chair i choke and soasm all the time. sorry to rant but that is everything. So i am not looking forward to christmas had to cancel holiday.

Thanks hope everyone has a goos weekend.
Love Pat x

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Hi Pat,

My most important question…is your sleep apnea TREATED? Do you successfully use a CPAP every night?

My second question is this: do you have or have you had an anxiety/depression disorder (separate) from the physical symptoms?

I ask this not to dismiss you, but to inquire if there are two or more things going on…and if you are being dismissed due to an anxiety assumption by the doctors.

Best, Mary

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