groin nerve damaged due to angioplasty

two years ago during a very long cath the nerve in my groin was damaged. had pain as soon as i came home and thought it was a blood clot. I have been to a pain doc and was put on neurontin and it helped but I had to take so much to keep up with the excerise I was doing I went toxic on the drug. Seeing double and driving around not knowing how i got their did not help.
Now the stent closed again, another angio but in the other leg and more cardiac rehab. and the nerve is killing me. I have already had a nerve block and nerve burn and was going back in when the stent closed. I really do not know what to do now.
Has anyone had this happen to them and what did you do about it.

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Yep, think they got a nerve in my R groin this past September too. 2 hours on cath table..and many times really debilitating R groin pain..makes me nauseous. And no one seems to want to admit perhaps there was a complication here.

Much Ibuprofen and also topical well as prayer as I'm too broke for more docs right now !!!

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I am doing the same thing-lots of ibuprophen and prayer. just mad about it all. it seems so unfair to of gone through 6 stents and the darn things closing 4-5 times and have this added to it. And yes like you it is painful. I thought the nerve burn would help but it stopped one pain and mad another worse.

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Same thing here. I had 4 caths in one year. I asked them to rotate sides because the first one seemed to hurt a good long while. Now with two in each groin, it makes it difficult to walk . If it were just on one side, I could probably stand it longer but both sides make it difficult. I get very bad "cramping" feelings in both sides. Is that happening to you? Did anyone have hemotoma's form? I did and wondered if that had something to do with the lingering groin pains.

Caroln- I tried the neurontin too. Ugh- --had to get off of that. The side effects were worse than the pain for me. And oh my gosh - all they wanted to do was keep increasing the dosage! So right now,for me - this has been added to the list of "things to learn to live with".

Someone should write a book for us women out here called "10,000 things women should know about having heart disease - all questions answered!"


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Beth, I can really relate. I had 1 caths in that leg and it was a day of hell when they tried 3 times, 3 different doctors to open the stent up. they did but it was the next one 6 weeks later that did the damaged. This past one 3 weeks ago I made them go into the other side where 3 have been done. It has healed well. They are conteplating cnother cath and I am going to insist they do in through the arm.
When I went for the women heart champion this Oct I found out that Mayo rarely does it in the groin any more. News to me. But still have to live with the pain.

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Hi friends- How timely! I'm suffering the same thing after my cath last week. I've had seven caths before, with no pain like this- even with hematomas it didn't hurt like this.
I've consulted my pain doc, who is medicating it temporarily with big opioids, until he can do a nerve block.
My understanding, as a nurse, is that when anyone pokes a sharp thing into our flesh, they can't see nerves under the skin, and there is always a chance that we'll get damaged this way. Heck, I've even done it to my own patients, starting IV's and drawing blood.
We simply don't have xray vision. Many nerves will regenerate, but it often takes months to years.
And yes, I'm pissed off too- mostly at the circumstances and the money involved, but also merely at my lot in life.
It makes critical exercise really really difficult if not impossible. I'm loosing ground.
(Oh, I also have an appt with a PT to see what exercises and treatments might help my situation.
And acupuncture. ) It is extremely frustrating to not have the insurance or money to be able to get the help we need to heal.
The BEST of luck to all of us.

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