Graduated compression calf socks

I'm wearing a very comfy pair of new Pure Care Circu-Care graduated compression socks to test out. $4.95. Black, warm, thin enough to work as trouser socks. Just enough compression to keep the ankles and calves from pooling even slightly. Cotton-acrylic blend, moisture wicking (very important for foot care and diabetics), promotes leg circulation, antimicrobial odor control. Found them in the hosery section of the grocery store.

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I'm wearing a spanking brand new near pair of [men's] therapeutic slippers I bought half-price at Rite-Aid ($10.00). They actually have battery-operated massagers in them. Let's see if they help my achey-breaky toes.

We must all look mighty cute in our new therapeutic after-Christmas-sale gear, LOL!

May the Blessings Be!


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can't resist! I'm wearing five inch heels, a leopard print push up bra and a fur trimmed crinoline (and diabetic allday socks in sunshine yellow with gold spangles!) just kidding!

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I always found the products from the Sigvaris company to be the best for comfort. I buy the cotton athletic compression socks for those long shifts at the hospital and they make a world of difference. They aren't cheap, but last forever. Don't think they come in leopard print though!

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hmmm, perhaps a marketing opportunity for someone. Joyce

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i received several pairs of "Christmas" patterned knee socks...and surprisingly, they are just snug they are soooo cute!! even hubbie likes them.


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