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Is it possible to have clear arteries and still have angina? Some days I feel Finland other days I am short of breath and have pains or pressure in my chest. I do have nitro tablets which help, but my cardiologist dismissed me from care when my catherization was clear. They suggested being checked for acid reflux which I did. That doctor said my symptoms were not acid reflux. Is this something I should get checked by another heart doctor? I am confused.

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Yes, it is possible to have clear arteries and still experience angina. I too complained of angina with exercise. Doc immediately ordered a cath. Cath came out clear and he said all looked fine in May of this past year. 3 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with A fib, which I think can cause some angina at times. The only reason I was diagnosed with A fib is because my ICD sent a shock to my heart while I was exercising. I could feel that something was going wrong with my heart and right before I felt like I was going to faint, my ICD fired. My heart was out of rhythm(a fib). ICD interrogation picked up on the a fib.

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I agree with cangrl that it is possible to have a clear cath and experience chest pressure and pain. I have coronary artery spasms and am on several medications for this condition. I had two heart attacks involving the smaller arteries of my heart that occluded but I have lovely clear main arteries so was sent home from the hospital and told that I would be just fine. Little did that cardio know that three hellish months would pass with constant fatigue, chest pressure and pain after exertion, etc.....My second opinion cardio even told me that it wasn't cardiac and the cycle continued. Finally , I got a cardio that really listened to my symptoms, studied my cath and records and diagnosed me correctly. Not an easy condition to live with but with the right meds you can halfway feel normal. You may have some good days and then the next you can barely get off the couch. I was also told it might be gastro, gallbladder, lung problems etc.... Was tested for all of these before someone finally listened to me. Don't give up if you feel something is wrong with you. I know it hard and you just want to throw up your hands and say "It's going to take me having another dang heart attack before something is done." Just keep looking for that doctor that really cares and have kept up with women's heart issues. I finally called Arkansas heart hospital and told them I wanted the best that you got and I got him!!! Thank you, Lord , for helping me find this cardio. He saved my life.

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I am currently on this roller coaster as well. My cardiologist says I'm fine. My GP says that I have esophageal spasms although that has not been shown in a test. They keep throwing pills at me to "try." I am taking them and going to all the tests in the hopes that someone will listen. Some days I feel great and others I feel like a truck hit me. I get short of breath all the time so now they are sending me for a lung test...I'm getting very tired of being made to feel nuts...

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I am currently experiencing something and curious if anyone had an echocardiogram that looked good as well? I had SCAD 9/13/12 with no surgery required, follow up echo showed my Ejection Fraction went back to 55% and all looks good. Last week at day 5 of cardiac rehab I mentioned sensations in my heart similar to how it's described above, including a "pinching" feeling that would pass quickly but now feeling my heart daily. On Friday, two days ago, labs were ordered, another echo and then stress echo done. After jogging for the stress test at "cool down" I felt the feeling in my heart. They couldn't find any reason for it. Blood work was excellent, etc etc. they believe that I'm feeling something but are not sure it's my heart...It sure feels like it is. My next step would be another cath angiogram. Special85, wondering how it was discovered (certain test?) that it was your smaller arteries? My cardio is not dismissing me but is unsure what's happening. I follow up tomorrow with rehab and my cardio on Friday. He's consulting with others but I'm "non-traditional and atypical" patient...41 and otherwise very healthy!

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It showed up on the heart cath that the smaller arteries were occluded. They had to look very close to see this.

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Hi I'm 27 and been experiencing a pain in my left chest. It seems as if its right over my heart. Its like a pinching, burning type of pain. I been to the er numerous times and all test were normal. My regular doctor shoved it off as my asthma or stress/anxiety related. It happens everyday no matter what I'm doing. Maybe 10-15 times a day. Even at rest. Does this sound angina related? Is angina symptoms usually only in one spot of the chest? Its been going on for a yr now, everyday. it went away for maybe a month and come back.

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Thanks Special85! - Leesha86, the feelings/pain sounds similar to what I'm experiencing - this post has given me some more insight. Hopefully reading the other pieces above can help you too.

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