Gallbladder mimics chest pains

Greetings to all~
I haven't posted anything for awhile, been feeling okay, but again, recently had a couple of episodes of severe chest pain again. Same story, went to ER, all the usual stuff. Over the past 5 years of this scenario not one doctor ever suggested checking the gallbladder. Taking the nitroglycerin helps, but I decided not to follow up with the cardiologist out of town this time. I went to my family doctor and he suggested I have a bad gallbladder. I had an ultrasound and a HIDA scan, both showed no activity, the HIDA scan shows my gallbladder is non-functioning, 0%. I was rather shocked, but it sure explains a lot. The constant pain in my upper right chest radiating to the center and the back, feeling like a sharp spasm and always a dull pain reminding me that it's there, tenderness under the many symptoms, digestive issues, it's been an eye opening experience! So, I am hoping that I have found the culprit of my problems. Anyone else out there had similar experience? take care

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rlcats, I had a similar incident a couple of years ago. I thought I was having another Heart Attack but instead it was my gall bladder and stomach ulcers. Of course it took two trips to the er for them to figure this out. They put me on antibiotics for two weeks and checked my gall bladder. It was functioning so I did not have surgery. My dr. still thinks I will need to have it out one day. I try not to do coffee, I reduced the asprin and the wine and now I take Nexium to keep the ulcer down. My sister had her gall bladder removed and so did my mom. Every now and then I get that old pain back. If its not one thing its another. Take care

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Good morning ricats:

I arrived at the ER with those symptoms on Cristmas Day, 2007. I asked if it was a heart attack. The smiling Lady Dr. assurred me it was only indigestion or a gallbladder attack. When I explained I had never had either of those problems, she told me sweetly they come on suddenly. I was not convinced, and while trying to explain my other symptoms, I lost conciousness and woke up three days later in an accute cardiac care hospital in another city.

I had had a heart attact, an angeoplasty and two stents. My My My!!! I happened to see her in the ER on another visit this May and all she said was "Well, I guess I was wrong about the gallbladder" and smiled sweetly.

Terrifying and frustrating isn't it ?

Thank God both of you found out it wasn't more heart problems.
Take care and be blessed --- Gloria ---

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Glad you found out what was causing your pain.

When I went to the ER with chest, back and arm pain I was told that it had to be my gallbladder not my heart. I was told that the gallbladder pain is between the shoulders and mimics a heart attack. After my blood work came back, I was told that no it was not my gallbladder and that I had a heart attack.

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Hi ricats,
In 2007, I wnt to the ER telling them I thought my gallbladder was acting up, the pain was predominantly on my right side. My Nana, mother, sister and her daughter have all had them removed so I thought I was next in line! It turned out to be a acute STEMI which led to emergency quad bypass.

Three weeks ago I woke up with intense chest pain which again was located on the right and shooting across my chest. I started vomiting. I took nitro fearing this was my heart. It was like deja vue from before and eventually called 911. Three days later following a visit to the ICU and many tests on my heart they sent me home and said my heart was good and it was gastrointestinal. No more tests since it was not my heart I was good to go!!!

NOT! Five days later same pain woke me up and for five hours knowing it wasn't my heart I pushed through the pain.
It reaccurred again and again. I called my doctor and the on call doc said go to the ER. Been there done that so I didn't. So after 48 hours it stopped coming and going there was no eating solid foods or taking my meds. Prilosec was my only hospital recommendation and a follow-up with my PCP. I ran a fever through both episodes.

I saw my PCP first thing that week and he said the blood work from the hospital showed I had a major inflammation going on and my white blood cell count was very high. I had more blood work and an ultrasound.

My PCP called me today and told me he believes I passed a gallstone because though none were found the walls of my gallbladder were thicker than normal probably from inflammation. My blood work revealed my liver is having some issues with two out of the three tests and he wants to check it in three weeks. He feels however it is a reaction to my gallbladder issue, Passing the stone gives us time to wait and see.

So yes this gallbladder thing scared the living daylights out of me and when it turned out it wasn't my heart, I felt dismissed and that I had used all these hospital services for a case of indigestion. Not said, certainly felt though. Had they been more thorough perhaps I could have avoided some of this pain.
So the irony regarding chest pain is the first time I thought it was my gallbladder and it was my heart and this time I thought it was my heart and it was my gallbladder. I said to one nurse I just loved in the cardiac unit, I need to figure this out so I won't show up here again and she said, "It is not your job to figure out, it is up the the doctors, so stop being bothered my this. She is sooooo right because, yes it is very confusing!

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Thanks to all who replied to me, it's amazing what's going on out there! Sometimes we have to be our own doctors! But I'm a firm believer that chest pain should always be checked out, no matter what, better safe than sorry. I don't know if the chest pains I've had over the past 5 years have been from gallbladder or not, but we'll see what happens. Frustrating always waiting and wondering. Changing diet has been a good benefit for me. Take care!

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My gallbaldder is being removed on Wednesday. Very similar situation. Called 911 from work - having severe chest and upper back pain. As I had bypass surgery two and one-half years ago, I assumed I was having a heart attack. Gallstone showed up on CT scan while looking for dissection at emergency center. I was told by emergency physician that the stone was of "no significance". I was urged to follow up with cardiologist because "something happened here". Cardiologist, upon learning of gallstone, scheduled Hida Scan and to follow up with gastro doctor. Hida Scan showed an abnormal functioning gallbladder and, of course, there is a stone. Gastro felt gallbladder needs to come out now - before it becomes an emergency and therefore, much more dangerous. So, I'm having surgery on Wednesday.

Wish me luck.


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Scottie, Hope everything goes well for you.

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Had chest pain December 2008, thought I was just stressed due to the holidays. Took Nexum, but still
had chest pain. Did not feel like reflex or heartburn.
Since felt bad in January 2009, started having series of test . Gallbadder not working, had it removed
and feel much better. Listen to your body and keep changing Drs. til you find someone that will LISTEN TO YOU. I ended up going to my family DR.

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