flying with leaky heart valve

the doctor said my valves are linking and i have to have i found this out today..I have to fly to maine on mom said it wasn't any of you ladies know if it's safe..I can't get in touch with the doctor..please help

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That is something that you should definetly ask your doctor about Yolanda. I am a nurse and would not advise you one way or the other. I only can advise you to ask your doctor. Shamrock

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I thank I can't fly..that's what i'm hearing..but i will ask my doctor if i can get in touch with her..thanks

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Do you mean leaky heart valve? I'm sure everyone would agree with Shamrock that your doctor is the best to ask about your particular situation. I wouldn't assume that you can't.

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yes that's what i mean..i will ask my doctor..anyway there is something i want to ask..can i have sex..see the doctor who told me this ..didn't explan i'm in the dark

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I was told that if I could easily walk up 2 flights of stairs, then I could have sex. Just what I was told. Don't take as written in stone for everyone.

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If you can chase after 3 grandchildren, you can have sex. (Just kidding. Ask your doctor or see if he or she has a nurse you can talk to)

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thanks..yes i'm always chasing my grandkids..madison who is four...well i was scared and i think he was too. you know he is always crying it makes me wanna cry too. see this hasn't hit me yet..i need to be strong for the grandkids..maybe when the doctor tell me the date that we go in the OR..did you feel that way

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Hi Yolanda,

I think you need to write down all of your questions and go see your cardiologist again. For now ~ just call to make certain that you can fly on Sunday. But as you said, this is all new to you and you are still in shock. I'm sure you know which valves are involved and all of the particulars, but if you don't, that is a good place to start for your questions. You might even want to get a second opinion. Are you anywhere near a large city with a women's cardiac heart center?

Education is power and there are some good sites (the Mayo site for example) online that you can learn a little more about valves and replacements. There is the emotional aspect along with the physicality of having something wrong with your heart and I think it is helpful to have other women to communicate with. There are many of us here on inspire who have gone through OHS (open heart surgery), so you will have our support as you go through the process. You will not be alone.

All the very best,

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Yes, Yolanda, you have quite a list of questions - reikiwoman's advice is excellent!

Stay in touch with this website and call your doc to ask about flying. There has been a lot written on this site about travel with heart issues. I have written on it, for example, and so have many others. I flew in 2011 in May, I think, and I have not flown since, just because the need has not arisen, not because of my leaky aortic valve. My experience is that every trip presents a different problem, and it is best for me to keep things simple - few extra details that are going to cause me and others extra stress.

Dehydration has been a problem for me, so I look for the gatorade-type products at the food counters and I try to eat food with very little salt, knowing that it will ALWAYS be there in the food available to travelers. I want my saline gel for my nose, and some lip balm. Sun exposure is also an issue, so a hat and sunglasses are excellent things to have readily available.

Good luck with your plans!

Love, Ruth

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Thank you ladies..well i talk to my doctor and he said if i didn't find out about the valve would i have left he said since i have the ticket already i can know i do have alot of questions..yes next week when i see her for the first time i will come with paper. you know i feel kind of scared but i can't show it..because of the kids and my husband..if he keep on crying i know i will start soon..I have so many things that is wrong with me.high blood pressure, my sugar been out of control for the past year, have problem my heart..I'm not feeling sorry for myself..just wondering what's next..but i do have faith and i know god will be there for me..thanks for listening

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Sometimes people with severely damage valves fly to a different city to have valve surgery. If you can go about your daily activities, with no restrictions, I don't see how flying would be risky, though I would clear it with your doc.

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well i'm going to maine..doc said go..I would like to express how you ladies are making me are there for don't have any friends and you don't even know me..but giving me love thank you

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You have your family, and you are here!

I hope you enjoy your trip! Keep everything as simple as possible, things can still get complicated!

Love to you,

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