Excessive Head Sweating

I've got a question - Do any of you, with afib, suffer from excessive head sweating?

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Hello Ann,
I read your home page and I am glad you are doing well. Of course I found you by searching for excess head sweating LOL.
Ain't it a trip? I am 56 and suffer from Peripheral vascular disease. My Mother died at age 51 from an MI and she was a heavy sweat -er as well.
I have searched this topic and inquired about it with every doctor I have ever had. They only tell me my body's thermostat is very efficient and the perspiration cools me down fast.
I simply don't buy that explanation in total.
Meanwhile I order bags of cotton hankerchiefs and sweat bands online hoping to start a new fashion trend. But I only look like a bad impersonation of Pearl Bailey and Louie Armstrong.
Let's hope this discussion is fruitful,

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I do. However, I also have Sarcoidosis. And one of the wonderful things it causes it excessive sweating. By the end of a work day, My hair is wet like I just got out of the shower. It sucks.

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I don't have afib. I have a stent and congestive heart failure and I have been having the same problem. And no doctor can seem to give me an answer. In fact, they told me the opposite. With my medical problems my body is having trouble regulating. Their advice...don't go in the heat. I cleaned my apartment top to bottom yesterday for the first time since my diagnosis (thought I'd see how I felt if I really moved) and the water was pouring off my face. Turned on the ceiling fan and cranked down the AC and still was sweating like crazy.

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I share somewhat the same problem. Maybe others have experienced this. Have microvascular disease....generally my sweating is at night...since I am 69 ... I am well past menopause. I find myself tossing and turning...head gets wet as well as neck and chest..kick off covers and nightie. During the day it is very inconsistent....face and neck get hot and then I get "sweaty"....passes and is very inconsistent. Never know what triggers it...and to top it off we live in AZ...114 degrees today.

Doctor just passes it off....I have only 1 lobe of my thyroid and thought maybe that was the issue...no, all tests say that is fine...so I just live with it.

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Ann I was just recently diagnosed with A Fib and I told the doctor that I break out in a cold sweat when standing for a long time or while shopping. He told me that is because my blood pressure drops.

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Add me to the list too. I have been complaining about it for years. You must learn to live with it. My hair is always dripping wet. Doesn't matter if it is summer or winter. I wear a terry cloth headband everyday even to church on Sunday. Everyone things it is so cute that I match the headband to the color I am wearing. Problem is it is very hard to find terry cloth headbands anymore.

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I have the same problem with the dripping head - so frustrating especially when you come into the house or office covered with snow and your head looks like you just got out of the shower! Those little hand held fans work a tiny bit.

Christine - do you wear the terry cloth headbands so they are at the bottom back of your head and up above the forehead hair line or do you wear them horizontally around your head?

You might be able to find some at the Vermont Country Store (in VT). I was there a couple of weeks ago and the whole store is - - hmmm, how do I put this, gently of course, tactfully also - - well, that type of stuff is being called 'retro' now a days. They have an enormous supply of penny candy, Rock'em Sock'em robots, Uncle Wiggly games, Moxie (I'm hoping for a Moxie shirt for Christmas, scratch that the shirt would be more appropriate for my 50th at the end of the month).

I'm not sure what their website is - I have one of their catalogs at home and I can look it up for you when I get there (home) today and let you know.

Stay cool everyone!

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Oh Boy I hate sweating like a dog. I really do. It does not matter if its summer UGH or winter. I sweat like a dog. Not only does my hair and hair color drip on me and ruin some of my clothing. My whole body in the smmer it's like crazy. I try to wear 100% cotton and guess what, still sweat like a dog. I really horrible when it's soo humid that I actually sweat and look like I urinated on myself. UGH. I am also post-menopause since 23 and honestly that is when doing anything strenuous or cleaning the house I would sweat so bad that you thought someone threw water over my head. Hate it. When I get to work in the morning I am one big head of sweat that drips all over. Guess I'll have to live with it. Any suggestions out there?????
Take care, be well and God Bless
P.S. I never thought to complain to any doctor about this. Go figure.

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Hi Ladies:
I just wanted to say that I have 2RCA stents since 2004. Sometimes papitations. Medically I had induced menopause at 23. Really sick at the time. Since then its been downhill for me with sweating. I feel as if I am an animal (DOG). Hope someone here can give some good information on this matter of excessive sweating, not just the head, heck the whole body. Stay coool!!!!
Good Night

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Thank for all the comments. Here I sit watching a live trial about some nutjob in NC, surrounded by three fans, a/c on 74 and no lights on sweating as if I were outside riding my bike. I had a lady walk up to me in Target the other day to see if I were ok - I was standing still looking at pocketbooks with sweat running down my forehead to my cheeks and then dripping on my shirt. And me patting my drips with a tissue. I stay so dehydrated that when I go to the doctor for bloodwork I usually get stuck a minimum of 3 times. Several times, the nurses have balked at sticking me time after time. I suspect that this little inconvenience is going to be like PUMP HEAD SYNDROM in that none of the doctors want to talk about it.

Wait a minute, I may be on the something - I can tell people that I don't remember why I sweat so much --- it must be them damn tiny bubbles busting in my head again.

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Hi Ann1215,
I suffer from excessive sweating but only from my head. It is so frustrating, and impossible to look nice anymore. I can do my hair and makeup to go out and within minutes to an hour, I am completely drenched! It looks like I just stepped out of the shower, threw my clothes on, and ran out the door! The weather can be 90 degrees or 15 below. It doesn't matter. I still end up with a soaked head. I am going to try the Sage tea. They say it really works. We'll see.

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Hi all my new friends. I'm so happy to have found you. As I sit here typing this I have a roll of soft paper towels mopping the sweat off my face and neck. I go through rolls of paper towels a week(and not for cleaning).Anyway,I I have a disease called RSD with a secondary of Periphial Neurophathy so I'm on some heave duty pain killers. Anyway I have asked the Dr. about this sweating for years. Her answer, the meds. I have been sweating like this long before I started taking them. I am 56 and this has been going on since I can remember. Anyway, I"m so glad I finally have someone to talk to about this condition because most people don't understand because they have never had to go through it. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

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My sister-in-law (56) suffered from really bad night sweats, so bad that she'd have to change the sheets and her night clothes at least once a night, also day time hot flushes accompanied by profuse sweating. She was prescribed Clonodine, which I know is also prescribed for high blood pressure, which she doesn't have. They worked for her, I don't know if they are suitable for heart patients though.
I take red clover for my menopausal flushes/sweating and I hardly have any now, could just be nature giving me a break or the red clover, I don't really know but I won't stop taking them yet, just in case.
Lidia xx

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Are you kidding??? Is this why my head is constantly sweating? Sarc? I never read that this was a side effect anywhere. Sometimes just fro
walking around the house, grocery shopping (quickly unloading my cart, And putting bags in/out of the car). It falls down from my hairline like I'm standing in the pouring rain! It's a relief to know! Does sage tea really help?

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