ER DR. read my EKG Wrong

Hello, This is my first post here. So bear with me.

I went to the ER on Thursday of last week with chest pains. So when I got there they hooked me up to an EKG machine and all the other things they do. After an hour or so the Dr came back and told me I did not have a heart attack or phenomena but said I had an abnormal EKG reading and they wanted to observe me. Well I thought they wanted me to just stay in the ER but no. I had to ask him if I had to stay all night. Then did he say yes. He also said after I ask him that they want to do a stress test on me in the morning. So they did the test the next morning. When I got back to my room from the (Stress test ) Dr had already called and told my nurse there nothing was wrong with my heart or anything else. So they said I can go home. Oh they think it was just Acid Reflux. Or thats what they are treating me for.
My delima is: When I was talking to the heart nurse and she was checking me out to go home she said there was nothing wrong with me and my blood, heart, lungs, and all test were perfect. So then I ask her about my ER EKG test. She went and got it an brought it back to me and said it was not an abnormal reading at. In fact she said it was perfect.

I don't have insurance and now I have a major Dr and Hospital bill because he read my reading wrong. Can anybody tell me what I'm supposed to do about this now. I don't work but husband does and were now paying his Dr bills too. My sister was in the room and she heard him tell me that it was abnormal reading. In fact he repeated it several times.

Please help me and guide me with this. Praise God that I have a healthy heart out of this though.

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Hi, PYD!

I do not understand the logic, I too am without insurance. I was also hospitalized after an ER visit, I too had chest pain eased by nitro and an EKG that apparently no one wanted to talk about. I was told I needed to be observed overnight, but I ended up staying 3 days for tests. At the end of three days I was told it was probably acid reflux, when I told them I had all the tests the gastro doc could perform, I just got blank stares. I left with a gigantic bill. I went to see my Dr. an internist she is great, she kept bothering me about seeing a cardiologist and I did he has given me several test and says oh nothing is wrong, come back to see me in 6 months. WHY? I went to see my regular doc about 2 months ago she was upset cause i stopped taking my amlodipine 10mg and bisopr (I hate those pills) I think they don't want to diagnose you because they think they are helping us.

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I know what you mean. I went there for chest pains. When I got there they started on me right away but when they found out that I didn't have a heart attack they left me in my room for hours. I had to call them back there twice to find out what the hold up was. They said there was more important cases that came in after me that need to be attended to first. I said chest pains don't count and they said no, not for what is coming in. They never told me what it was. I was in there for about 4 or 5 hours. They gave me a nitro patch too, but only after they said I had to stay all night.

I don't feel like I should have to pay for the time I was there because he out right lied to me and told me my EKG was abnormal and it wasn't. He read it wrong.

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Write the Director of the hospital.

May the Blessings Be!


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Thanks, I am going to do that today. I've been trying to get hold of hospital to find out who it is but they keep sending me to the wrong person.

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Search the Net. Search LinkedIn. Get a hospital brochure of some kind. Call the operator. There are ways of finding out who he/she is.

My mother died of an in-hospital gram negative surgical infection after 6 weeks in Intensive Care. She had No surgery. I was sent a bill for over a million dollar$. I went, in person, to the Director's office, and asked him to check the computer codes on their billing. She went into the hospital with lower back pain and came out in a body bag. After he saw it for himself, I asked him if he wanted me to sue, or if he wanted to just forget my mother was ever a patient in his hospital? He chose to hit "delete."

May the Blessings Be!


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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. This is exactly why I am so cautious about anything. You can't trust anyone. I don't care who or what it is. People are just in too much of a hurry these days. (myself included) That don't give them the right to read something wrong and admit you in the hospital. He was in my room for less than 5 minutes. Didn't ask me how I was feeling or anything. Just that I didn't have a H-attack or phenomena and blood was good.

Oh Well to be continued. Thanks for the input.

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Hi pyd and welcome!

Many of us have had difficult times in the hospital. It can be so confusing!

It takes a while to learn the "heart" lingo. Observation always means being admitted for at least a day. That's what they do when they aren't sure that you are perfectly OK. It's too risky. Did the ER doctor call in a cardiologist to see you?

There is another possibility. The ER doctor may have been right about your EKG. The others (who was your doctor after him?) including the nurse, could be wrong. I don't think you mentioned the doctor who oversaw you as an inpatient. It would not be the ER doctor. He wouldn't even be the one ordering a stress test. Were you assigned to someone? Or were you seen by a cardiologist who was called in by the ER doc? Nurses shouldn't be the ones discharging you and telling you your EKG is normal...that should come from the doctor directly. Didn't the cardiologist or your primary care doctor come in person and tell you the results? Did they do a thorough medical history on you and a physical exam? Didn't that doctor discharge you with instructions?

What proof did they have that pointed to acid reflux? Did they do an upper endoscopy?

Many of us of learned the hard way that we need to consider every angle and not just assume a doctor is correct at the first diagnosis. Heart problems are often attributed to reflux or anxiety or vivid imaginations. I hope you can find a doctor you trust who will evaluate the hospital records and take a fresh look at this. Maybe you already have a trusted doctor.

One thing is for sure...a person with chest pain is NOT on the bottom of the ER totem pole. I think it's terrible that you had to wait that long in the ER! It's all so contradictory! If the ER doc saw an abnormal EKG, enough to admit you for observation, yet only spent 5 minutes with you, there's something wrong with this picture.

These are not easy waters to navigate. I'll be praying for you.

Jan ;o)

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I was scheduled to go in and have an angiogram. Someone mixed up reports from cardio and I was told to go home; they couldn't do it. I called my doctor. Of course, I was OK for the surgery, but I never figured out what poor soul had a surgery based on my good report.

I called and wrote to the director of the hospital. They were terrified and I got no where. I hope someone didn't die because of the mistake.

As to the payment, check with the hospital about state "income" levels. Some states, if you make under certain amounts, will help the hospital reduce your debt. In Ohio, my daughter had a $3500 bill from my grandson / because of their income, they filled out paperwork, and hospital reduced bill to around $1500. They told her she had to pay $150 a month - she told them you can't get blood out of a turnip. They came to an arrangement that didn't kill her budget.

Most facilities are willing to work with you, and in many states, if you are making "good faith payments" as little as $5 a month, they can't sue you or refer you to a collection agency. You really have to check on the laws - they can be very helpful. Talk to a hospital social worker -- they know every program available anywhere.

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We are the wrong people to be reading this. The CEO's/the powers that be should be on our web site.

My most exciting happening occurred when I went in for a standard CBC.
My doc called me at 5 p.m. and said I was severely anemic and wanted me to immediately be hospitalized.
Despite telling me I could go into organ failure, I told him I would stay in my own home.
He told me I would need blood transfusions, on and on. 2 days later I was in his office.
He checked me out and told me I was the healthiest looking sick person he had ever seen.
My blood was drawn and tested. Guess what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS NOT anemic.
The doc told me the lab had really ----- up.

I called the president of the Hospital. I told them my last blood test and my doc's visit was on them.

Never heard another word.

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Well Going to the Dr this morning to follow up on my hospital stay. Seeing a new Doctor. I guess they will try to give me even more meds. Maybe they can tell me the truth this time. Grrrr!!! I hate Doctors and Hospitals. Can't believe a word they tell you. They only tell you what you want to hear.

To be continued!

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The same thing happened to me this week. Had chest pain, nausea,light headness and shortness of breath. Called Dr. office and told he was not there. Told to go to ER and a Dr would come over. (They are attached to the same building). After blood work and ekg was left in room for 1 hr without seeing anyone. Then my cardio showed up and said I needed to be observed. Nothing showed on ekg or in blood. Would do a stress test the next morning. I asked to go home and come back the next day. Had to stay. Did stress next day and was also told it maybe acid reflux. What is this acid reflux kick. I know it can minic a heart attack, but come on. I have an appt next Fri. Am tempted to cancel it except I still have the shortness of breath

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Oh My Goodness. That sounds just like what happened to me. I have talked to the ER administration and she's doing an investigation on it. I will now in about a week the answer.

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er are not were youreally want to go they treated me really bad after my heart attack one monthearly im scare to go to ewr dont trust

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Your right robhutch. I don't even trust my own dr either

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Pyd and rest of group. What I found out the hard way is if you do not have insurance, some doctors and hospitals will tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. It took 10 years for me to get a diagnosis of what was wrong with my heart in spite of severe bad tests results along the way. One of my primary care docs told me that sometimes cardiologists will say nothing is wrong if they can't do an expensive procedure on you.

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